Hollywood movies Infertility is the inability of a couple to become pregnant after 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse.
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Infertility, A Growing Problem In Indian People. BUT WHY?

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Agamoni Das

As they say a child completes a family, and whether it is early or later everyone has their own plan for a baby. But Infertility has been a major problem now in most of the Indian couples. And this is something painful; it can put even stress, depression or anxiety whatever you say. But the fact is almost 24 million of Indian couples are highly suffering from infertility. Well, now the question is why so?



This can be the first and foremost problem. Due to some hormonal disorder either in men or women there is high chance of infertility. Even the trouble with ovulation in women is a major one. Apart from these there could be several biological problems that may cause inability to get pregnant. So, the thing is, these problems are biologically within you, you have to accept the fact and treat it accordingly.


Now most of the women want a baby after 30, may be even in 40, as they are getting married at a later age. But once it is after 30 or 35 its quiet scientific that you would have to face problem to conceive. The qualities of eggs are already started decreasing, and naturally the chances of getting pregnant are also decreased.  


Women are more conscious about their career now and that’s normal. And this consciousness usually doesn’t allow them to plan for a baby, since a baby can actually ruin your career. Though this is not in every case, but still there is a fear. So, they have a tendency to get pregnant at later ages.



Okay, so here is the bitterest truth that life has become a hell lot of busy now. Our parents couldn’t even think of staying in different cities for their work, but we can. Now most of the couples hardy get any chance to spend some quality time together. And as a result they are unable to use the most fertile period of the month.



People are more affected by their bad habits, the habits that can even cause infertility. Smoking is one of them. It actually has effects that can reduce the quality of eggs. Even alcohol or some anti-depressant drugs these all can be a barrier to your pregnancy. But sadly people are unaware of the fact.