Hollywood movies Medicines To Subside Your Worries Relating To Menstrual Dates Colliding With Your Day Out Plans
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Medicines To Subside Your Worries Relating To Menstrual Dates Colliding With Your Day Out Plans

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Sehba Jalal

Periods is the women thing that makes women feeling the true association with her womanhood. The first time a girl gets the glimpse of that crimson touch or menses or periods becomes the event of her life.  Earlier the event was celebrated as an important milestone from the lifetime event. Today the things have changed a lot!

Right from the daily activities to the nature of the activities too medicine that can stop your periods, all tend to be too different from the early events that used to take place. Today the women like outdoor activities and even go places for work and excursions.

Periods tend to make a great question of worry when you are planning your day outs. Especially when it’s the case of an adventure trip or a pleasure event planned with your friends. At times being a girl either we do not participate or delay the plan to match with our menstrual cycle. We try making the plans convenient as per our period plans to suit the occasion or holiday.

But many a times it not only becomes difficult but also tends to seem impractical when the event is associated with a date. This is the reason many of the women tend to look for ways to control or stop the menstrual cycle. This delay is the way to help them make things easy and ongoing in their lifestyle.

Medicine to Delay Periods

Mentioned below are some of the tablets that work effectively to control your periods cycle:-

  •  Norethisterone 5mg tablets: Norethisterone is the most popular period-delay pill.
  •  Utovlan: This is another Norethisterone based period ceasing tablet.
  •  Primolut N: Another efficient drug that helps control the periods.

Even though all these variations are quite effective on your period cycle but the usage may differ for each. Consulting a doctor and taking a prescribe dose is always recommended as it interferes with our internal body systems. Then intake of these medicines may vary from once to thrice, daily. The period automatically starts after 2-3 days once you stop the dosage.

Content of Period Delaying Medicines

The major content ingredient in the period delaying medicine is Norethisterone that is a varied form of progesterone (female hormone). It prevents the uterus from the lining as it forms with the beginning of the menstruation begins.  Available in the form of tablets the dosage varies its intake from once thrice on a daily basis.

How long it’s safe to take period delay tablets?

 A maximum of 17 days dosage for periods delay is recommended. Exceeding the limit may lead to chances of certain side effects or adverse effects on normal period cycle. It is not recommended for prolonged usage due to the side-effects and hormonal imbalance associated with it.

Are there any side-effects?

Normally these medicines do not have any side-effects if taken for a short duration of time. However, due to prolonged use some of the side effects may be visible. These may vary from side-effects like- rashes, itching, dizziness, headaches, nausea or depression. Some of the serious side effects may include- thrombosis or jaundice, fluid retention, high blood pressure issues and migraines

Thus, it’s recommended to take these medicines only and only when really needed. Accept the periods in the natural way but if needed take the safest way to delay them!