Hollywood movies Nuts Are Healthy, but which one is Healthier? Raw nuts or roasted nuts?
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Nuts Are Healthy, but which one is Healthier? Raw nuts or roasted nuts?

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Agamoni Das


A healthy diet should definitely consist of nuts. Nuts can be the best choice for snacks. It has a lot to do with your health. It contains nutrients which can keep your health fit. Most importantly nuts can keep your heart healthy. Because it contains omega-3 fatty acid and other essential fatty acids which are very much beneficial for human heart and helps in lowering the bad cholesterol. Thus it actually lowers the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other cardio vascular diseases. Nuts are rich in anti-oxidant too. A diabetic patient or obese people both can be beneficial of nuts.

There are many types of nuts. Some are roasted and some are raw nuts. Now the question is which one is healthier. Well, let’s have a look on which nuts are more healthy, Raw or Roasted –


First of all it doesn’t matter if the nut is roasted or raw, nuts are always healthy. But if the question is which one is healthier then there are some points to be considered.

Nuts are being roasted in dry heat or sometimes in oil to improve its texture or may be to separate the shells of nuts from the kernels.

While roasting the nuts it loses moisture and becomes crunchy. But there is no difference in carbohydrate, fat and protein content. Raw and roasted nuts have almost same amount of these nutrients but roasted nuts have a little more calories per gram.
Nuts contain healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are essential for maintaining a healthy heart. But roasting can affect these healthy fats and can make them oxidized. And oxidation causes the formation of rancid fats, harmful free radicals which are not desirable. But the roasting temperature and roasting period can lower these occurrences.
Nuts contain some nutrients which are sensitive to heat. In that case roasting can cause damage of these nutrients. So, roasted nuts are usually lack of some nutrients including anti-oxidants.

Some reaction happens whilecccand this reaction may cause formation of harmful chemicals.
Meanwhile, as because raw nuts are not being cooked, it may have harmful bacteria and fungi as well.
So, raw and roasted nuts both are healthy. But raw nuts may have the risk of bacteria. In case of roasted nuts, try to roast it by yourself, so that you can manage the roasting temperature and period. Thus you can save the nutrients from being damaged.