Hollywood movies It can be difficult to say no to alcohol for anyone, but it is especially difficult for those who are quitting or cutting down on alcohol.
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Say No To Alcohol, See How To Get Rid Of Alcoholism

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Agamoni Das


One of the addictions that are not good for your health is ALCOHOL. There are a lot of people who literally suffer from such addiction. It’s actually horrible that you are trying hard to get out of it but you just can’t. Well, here a few remedies and that are natural as well and can get you some amazing results. Say no to your alcohol right now with the help of such remedies –


Since, grapes are an important ingredient of alcohol making; it can be an alternative to your alcohol. Rather make grapes as a substitute to your alcohol. It can be a glass of grape juice or a handful of grapes whatever.

Apples got some effects same as the grapes. Moreover it helps to flash out the toxins that can be formed due to alcohol.


When comes to health benefits, Yoga is always at its best. Since, it provides inner peace along with a lot of benefits which are actually helpful to avoid the desire of alcohol. Besides yoga, mediation is amazingly effective.

Well, almonds are no doubt health. But the thing that you were unaware about that almond can also help you to control your desire for alcohol.

Any form of dandelion, like the readymade capsules or dandelion roots have effective results. It not only helps you to get rid of alcoholism, but also helps to reduce the effects of heavy drinking.

Most of the people who are generally addicted to alcohol are usually either depressed or stressed or suffering from any anxiety. In that case working out is beneficial. An hour of gym session or aerobics or swimming anything that is good for your health can be a great motivation for you. Once you are working out you will actually become conscious about your health and it would be easy to get rid of any bad habit like alcoholism.

Addiction to alcohol turns to be a psychological problem in many cases. A psychologist can help to get out of the situation very well. Counselling has effective results to treat alcoholism.

Acupuncture is now widely known for its benefits. Besides a lot of health benefits it can help you to reduce your desire for alcohol by working on your stress level or anxiety. Acupuncture is also a good treat to your health.

An excessive drinking can reduce the pangs of hunger which leads to lack of major nutrients in your body. At the same time if you are having your diet properly, it can help you to avoid drinking. And this has been scientifically proved that a diet with well combination of all the nutrients can reduce the desire for alcohol.


B-complex vitamins and vitamin-C are essential to cure the damage that has been made by alcohol. And also good option to treat against alcohol.

A glass of celery juice, everyday can be a part of the process that helps you to avoid alcohol.

A glass of bitter gourd juice not only effective to control alcoholism, but also helps to repair the liver cells damaged by excessive alcohol.