Hollywood movies Unexpected side effects of popping pill,learn about some of the side effects of taking over the counter or prescription painkillers for your back pains.
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Some Unexpected Side Effects Of Painkillers

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Agamoni Das

 Anything that comforts you easily may have side effects. And Painkiller is one of them. Sometimes Painkiller is not okay even if it is taken in prescribed dosage. But most of the people end up making habit of Painkillers. Well, you need to know that the Painkiller is not only taking your pain away, but also putting you at several risks. Yes, Painkillers have some major side effects which are beyond your expectation. Lets’ have a look –


         harmonal issuse

The Painkillers have effects on your hormonal balance. It actively reduces the level of sex hormones, and makes you sexually inactive. Several other hormonal problems are also there.



liver demage

If you already have liver diseases or you are alcoholic then you are more prone to have liver damage, as a side effect of Painkillers. Not only the over dose but also the limited dosage can suffer you from liver failure, resulting in affected functioning of liver.



Some Painkillers work on the prostaglandin pathways to reduce the pain. And this is what puts you at risk of ulcer. There are may be gastritis as well, along with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting.


Though this side effect is rare but a major one. Having Painkillers can affect your kidney functions. And as you know kidney is such organ that needs to be work perfectly for healthy living.


It’s quite natural. Whenever you are suffering from any pain and you are easing it with Painkiller, you are actually lowering your immunity power. Let your body be able to fight with the pain first. Moreover your Painkillers are making less active to fight against infections.



It is one of the most common side effects Painkillers. Even your prescribed dosage can suffer you from constipation. And making the Painkillers your habit can have some major effects on your bowel movement.


Pregnant woman should be aware of painkillers, as it can be a cause of miscarriage. Even f you are planning for pregnancy then be away from Painkillers. It can be reason that don’t let you get pregnant.      



As Painkiller causes the hormonal imbalance it can be a major cause of your depression, mood swings and anxiety as well. Even it can be cause insomnia along with drowsiness, dizziness etc. 


The reason is still under research, but the truth is some Painkillers can have the opposite effect on your health. Instead of reducing the pain, it actually stimulates it.


It’s actually a side effect that Painkiller makes you dependant on it. Even when you there is a mild pain you search your Painkiller, which is not good for your health.