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South Beach Diet, Evidently Designed For Weight Loss, Heart Disease And Type-II Diabetes.

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What Is South Beach Diet?

Dr. Arthur Agatston, an American Cardiologist has made this diet called South Beach Diet. Before coming to the brief of this diet, let’s have a look on some other vital part. Obesity, heart disease and type-II diabetes, these three are totally interlinked nowadays. And to fight against this trio you would hardly get any substitute of South Beach Diet. Many people may find it similar to the Atkins Diet. Well, that’s true but in Atkins Diet you need to cut down the carbohydrate consumption in initial stage. South Beach Diet tells you to do the same, but it looks upon more on the ‘Bad carbs’ and ‘Good Carbs’. The Carbohydrate Consumption is definitely more in South Beach Diet, but it’s not the simple carbohydrate. So, South Beach Diet is all about choosing the good fats and carbs in your diet. 

                                                            Alisha What Is South Beach Diet

Principle Of South Beach Diet

# Carbohydrates – Low Glycemic Index

# Protein – Lean

#Fats -  Unsaturated

# Fibre – High


South Beach Diet And Weight Loss

Extra carbohydrate is being stored as body fat.  And that’s the reason South Beach Diet aims at apparently low carbs. Since your diet is low in carbohydrate and moderate in fat, you need to balance it with protein. First of all protein won’t increase your body weight. Most importantly protein reduces your appetite. It makes your stomach full for a longer period of time. This ultimately reduces the pangs of hunger, and no calorie intake.

South Beach Diet And Heart Disease

According to diet South Beach you lose weight without cutting down the fat. Yes, that’s true but you need to modify the source of fat. It needs to be the healthy fats. And the healthy source fat plays a major role in turning the bad cholesterols into good cholesterols. Once the cholesterol level is under control and the body weight as well, this duo will help you to maintain a healthy heart. And thus keeps you away from any kind of cardiovascular diseases.

South Beach Diet And Diabetes

South Beach  Diet is an extremely good option for diabetic people, since it promotes the good carbs that are insoluble. For the people with high blood sugar, it is the main thing to have control over their carbohydrate intake. Low carbs or the insoluble carbohydrates provide less sugar to the blood stream. Thus it controls your blood sugar level.

                                      alisha South Beach Diet Plan for Beginners

Phases Of South Beach Diet

In South Beach Diet, there are three phases. In the initial stage you need to start with cutting down most of the carbohydrates, the protein and fat consumption remains the same. Once you start shifting to the next stages you can add the carbohydrates gradually.

Phase 1 :-  The first phase targets rapid weight loss. Also it will help you to reduce cravings for simple carbohydrates or sugar. Phase 1 lasts for first two to three weeks.

* Eat Lean protein –  Chicken, Pork, and Beef, fatty fishes, sea fish and eggs.

* Eat Dairy Products – Skimmed milk, low cheese and yogurt etc.

* Eat Unsaturated fats – Olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

* Eat High Fibre Foods – Vegetables rich in fibre.

* Totally Avoid – Fruits juice, alcohol, pasta, rice, bread and such other refined flour products and starches.

* Avoid potato and sweet potatoes as they are rich source of starch.

* Avoid added sugar such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice, cake, pastry, candies, ice cream etc.

* Avoid processed foods.

Most of the fruits and vegetables are rich in carbohydrate and starch, keep those in control

Phase 2 :- In the next phase the diet remains almost same, except the part that you start adding some of those carbohydrates. This phase remains for a long time, until you reach your target weight.

Phase 3 :- While phase 1 and 2 were mostly for the purpose of weight loss, this last stage is to maintain the weight that you have lost. In addition it’s a steady stage, where you can prevent heart disease, diabetes along with weight gain. Diet remains same in the third phase, but you need to start adding all the carbs in moderation.