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Spirulina – A Natural And Healthy Way To Lose Weight

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Agamoni Das

Spirulina Is Being Used As A Supplement Since The Time Immemorial. It Can Be Used As A Dietary Supplement, As Well As A Whole Food And Can Be Found In Tablet, Flake And Capsule Or In Powder Form. There Are A Lot Of Benefits Of Spirulina. Losing Weight Is One Of Them. So, Besides The Gym Regime And Other Diet, Add Spirulina To The Programme. It Can Make The Process Easy To Lose Weight. Well, Let’s Have A Look On How Spirulina Actually Acts In Your Weight Loss Programme –

Rich In Nutrients

A Weight Loss Diet Must Be Supplemented With All The Essential Nutrients. And Starting From Vitamin-b Family To Vitamin-c, To All The Required Minerals And Dietary Fibre, Spirulina Is Rich In All Of These. When You Are Having All Of These Nutrients, Your Body Is Already Working Well Like Proper Metabolism, Absorption, Detoxification Etc. And These Things Ultimately Help You By Reducing The Food Carvings.

Too Much Low In Calorie

You Need Something Which Will Satisfy Your Stomach But Won’t Add Any Pounds To Your Weight. Right? Then Spirulina Should Come First In The List. It Is Very Low In Calorie. Though It Will Provide You The Rest Of The Required Nutrients.

High Source Of Protein

Spirulina Is Amazingly Rich In Protein. And One Of The Most Important Principles Of A Weight Reducing Diet Is That It Has To Be Rich In Protein. Protein Can Keep Your Stomach Fulfilled For A Long Time. And The Essential Amino Acids Can Help You To Build A Toned Body.

Reduces Pangs Of Hunger

This Is The Most Important Function Which Spirulina Does. It Regulates The Secretion Of Choleycystokinin, Which Helps In Reducing The Pangs Of Hunger.    


Supplies Essential Fatty Acids

You Need Healthy Fats For Healthy Living. So, The Essential Fatty Acids Deal With Your Insulin Level. Keeps It In Control And Thus Reduces The Carving For Carbohydrate.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Spirulina Helps In Lowering The Bad Cholesterol And Increases The Level Of Good Cholesterol. Thereby, It Controls The Breakdown Of Fats And Lowers The Absorption Of Fats.

When To Take Spirulina For Weight Loss

The Ideal Time To Take Spirulina Is Before A Meal. It Will Then Target The Weight Loss. Take The Spirulina 30-45 Min Before Your Meal, So That It Can Suppress The Appetite. You Can Have The Spirulina With Your Breakfast Or In Your Snacks. All You Have To Do Is Add It With Your Smoothies Or Snacks.