Hollywood movies Triple Drop Set Workout – An Effective Way To Boost The Intensity
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Triple Drop Set Workout – An Effective Way To Boost The Intensity

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Agamoni Das

What Is Triple Drop Set?

Drop Set Is A Technique For Continuing An Exercise With A Lower Weight, Once Muscle Failure Has Been Achieved At A Higher Weight. And Triple Drop Set Is One, In Which A Large Percentage Of The Starting Weight Is Reduced In Each Respective Step Of The Workout.

Triple Drop Set Is One Of The Best Ways To Gain Muscle Or To Build Muscle. It Is A Training Where You Need To Start With A Weight Which Would Be Adjustable For You, That Too For 5 Reps. In The Next Step Take Off Some Weight And Perform Another 5 Reps. And In The Last Step Again Take Off Some Weight And Do It For 5 Reps. Add Weight When You Will Be Able To Perform The Sixth Rep Of Any Step.

Why Triple Drop Set Is Effective?

Extends The Workout

Triple Drop Set Expands The Tome Of Workout And Increase The Efficiency Of Workout. Because You Are Doing The Weight Training In 3 Steps, May Be The Weight Is Gradually Decreasing In Every Step But You Are Actually Lifting More Weight.

Increases Muscle Mass

While Doing Triple Drop Set, Your Muscles Start Pumping On Regular Note. This Workout Doesn’t Allow Your Muscle To Stop Contracting. Thus It Ultimately Results In Increased Muscle Mass.

Produces Muscle Building Hormone

Triple Drop Set Increases The Intensity Of Workout. And This Helps In The Release Of Muscle Building Hormones, Which Will Be Helping In The Growth Of Muscle Or In The Formation Of Muscles Properly.

How To Perform Triple Drop Set?

Here Are Few Ways To Perform Triple Drop Set. Have A Look –

With Dumbbells

Dumbbell Exercises Like Lateral Raises, Curls And Shoulder Presses Are Pretty Much Effective.

With Barbells

This Mainly Targets Your Biceps. Put Some Plate In Each Side And Keep Them Doing Until You Are Done.

50% Drop Set

Start With As Much Weight As You Can Put On. Do It For 5 Reps, And Then Take Off The Weight Exactly 50% Of The Previous. Then Continue It For 20 Reps.

Zero Rest Drop Set

You Need Two Partners For Zero Rest Drop Set. In This You Can’t Take Rest For At Least 5 Sec. So, The Partners Will Be Helping You During The Weight Reduction Change.

Power Drop Set

This Will Be Helping In The Growth Of The Muscle Of The Arms And Deltoid. Start With Six Reps, And Then Drop The Weight By About Ten To Fifteen Percent With Each Drop. Then Continue With The Lighter Weight For Six More Reps.

Drop Super Set

Drop Super Set Is A Combination Of Two Exercises, Where You Need To Combine The Drop Set With Super Set. There Are Few Ways Of Combining Two Effective Weight Training Like Dumbbell Presses And Dumbbell Lateral Raises.

Triple Drop Set Should Not Be Done For Everyday; Rather Do It On Selective Days For The Lagging Body Parts. And While Doing Triple Drop Set Makes Sure That There Should Be A Little Rest, Better If You Do Not Take Rest.