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Vitamin-D – Deficiency Problems and Sources

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Agamoni Das

 Vitamins are those nutrients you can’t get enough of its benefits. And when it comes to vitamin-D, it’s highly essential. An adequate supply of vitamin-D to the body has a list of benefits, while a deficiency can cause some major problems. So, there shouldn’t be any doubt that how badly your body requires vitamin-D. But people seem to suffer more from vitamin-D deficiency than the rest of the vitamins.  Let’s have a look on how a deficiency in vitamin-D supply can affect you along with the sources of vitamin-D, which can help you to get over the deficiency problems –



Osteomalacia means softening of bone, which is primarily due to a deficiency of vitamin-D. In this case the bone content is demineralised and bony substance becomes replaced by soft osteoid tissue. It is the situation where there is less calcium and phosphate than normal bone.


This is another major symptom of vitamin-D deficiency which is commonly known as bone loss. It is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both. And it makes your bone pretty much weak.

Vitamin-D Deficiency in Children (Rickets)

Lack of vitamin D results in reduced absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Difficulty maintaining proper calcium and phosphorus levels in bones can cause rickets in children. There are several other complications –

1. The child becomes restless.

2. Gastro intestinal upsets with diarrhea in common.

3. Child becomes prone to respiratory infections.

4. Deformities of the chest.

Pain in Muscle

      muscle pain

Well, not only it affects the bone but also the muscle. There is some severe muscle pain that can make you suffer a lot.

Low Immunity

Vitamin-D has a lot to deal with your immunity power. It even deals with your cells that fight against viruses and bacterias. So, a deficiency in vitamin-D supply can make you prone to fall sick.

Back Pain

           back pain

Vitamin-D stands for the proper synthesis of calcium, which leads to strong bone. So, an inadequate amount of vitamin-D can cause several bone pain among which lower back pain is the major one.

Delay in Wound Healing

As mentioned in the previous that low level of vitamin-D can lower the immunity. Thus it ultimately results in delayed wound healing.

Not Feeling the Charm

Vitamin-D deficiency makes you feel lazy. It makes you fatigue. Even it can be cause of your depression.  And this is a common symptom of vitamin-D deficiency which most likely to be ignored.


      sources of vitamine D

Sunlight is an amazing natural source of vitamin-D. And the foods that provide good amount of vitamin-D are as follows –

1. Fish - tuna, mackerel, salmon halibut and sardines.

2. Cheese, milk, soy milk and other dairy products.

3. Beef liver, eggs specially the egg yolks and mushroom.

4. Cod liver oil.

5. Fortified Cereal and orange juice.