Hollywood movies Which Form of Yoga To Take UP? BIKRAM YOGA OR HOT YOGA? Know The Differences.
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Which Form of Yoga To Take UP? BIKRAM YOGA OR HOT YOGA? Know The Differences.

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Agamoni Das

Yoga is the one that has remedy for all the health problems and this is the one that can make yourself fit from inside. So, before you are taking admission in any yoga classes, first you have to know about it. And if the confusion is between Bikram yoga or Hot yoga, then here is the answer –

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions. It is now used to describe any number of yoga styles that use heat to increase an individual’s flexibility in the poses. Hot yoga typically leads to profuse sweating.

Bikram Yoga

It is a system of yoga that synthesized from traditional Hatha yoga techniques. The classes run for 90 minutes and consist of same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises. It is actually a hot yoga style, rather a form of hot yoga.

Now, here is the typical difference s between Bikram and Hot yoga –


Bikram yoga is done at a temperature of 40 degree celcius, along with humidity level of 40% and it’s not easy to do yogas continuously for 90 min at 40 degree celcius.

The room temperature for Hot yoga is 35-38 degree celcius. Way more manageable you know. 


Bikram yoga is strictly done for 90 min and that too in a hot temperature. And you can’t get a break.

Hot yoga is done for 60 min in the same kind of environment as Bikram yoga. And 60 min is said to be enough for sweating out.


There is a huge difference in the set up of these two yoga forms. The studio of Bikram yoga is mirrored from wall to wall.

Whereas the Hot yoga studios do not have mirrors. Where there is a mirror, there is definitely some distraction and is not desirable.


Bikram yoga is consisting of a set of yoga, that doesn’t allow any addition of other yogas. Actually it doesn’t allow the change in yoga style.

But Hot yoga is consisting of various yoga styles including Bikram yoga.


Bikram yoga is more disciplined and stricter. You can’t talk or laugh in this 90 min.

But Hot yoga even allows you to play music and definitely you can ask questions if you have.


In Bikram yoga, you have to do the same set of yogas everyday and there is no change in the routine.

Hot yoga postures can be changed in a sequence manner and depends upon the teacher. But there is scope to practice different types of yogas daily.

So, now it’s all up to you. Decide according to your comfortness.