Hollywood movies Why you should skip that green tea and choose cinnamon tea instead?
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Why you should skip that green tea and choose cinnamon tea instead?

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Rahul Rawat

Food and beverages comprise various aspects of the cultures in general. Be it coffee, tea or even herbal drinks, people have been obsessed with them as a morning drink or even post meals. Tea on the contrary is one of the oldest drinks which has been mentioned time and again. Be it the Japanese sipping the quintessential hot beverage post every meal or the British incorporating it as their high snack events, tea is something we cannot do without.

Given its popularity, tea has been customised over the ages and it grown in a plethora of varieties. Be it Chamomile, oolong, earl grey, cinnamon, white or even orange tea, it has found places in high end tea bars and restaurant and has taken the customer base by a storm. It is healthier, easier to access and quite soothing to the body and mind. No wonder most Ayurveda retreats and yoga centres recommend infused teas as an essential and efficacious beverages on their menus.

Cinnamon tea is one of the healthiest beverages that is concocted using cinnamon sticks. It is easier to prepare and has effects like no other. It always has a positive impact on the body and mind. Cinnamon has different bioactive compounds and components which act as an anti-oxidant for the body. The catechins help you revive jus through one cup of wholesome goodness.


Regulates sugar

Cinnamon in general is such an amazing spice. It is sweet and impart a beautiful flavour to whatever it is added into. Nevertheless, what most of us tend to ignore is the health benefits. Did you know it can regulate your blood sugar levels? It is highly likely that it can lower blood sugar levels by regulating the insulin. It helps you as a preventive medicine would and protects you against obesity or other heart related issues.

Cinnamon helps you reduce weight too! Yes it’s true!

Insulin produced is regulated when you consume cinnamon. Be it as a whole spice or as part of the cinnamon tea. Regulating blood sugar prevents accumulation of fats which could be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. All you need to do is sip on this tea twice a day for as long as possible to see viable results.


Lower Cholesterol levels

Cinnamon regulates glycaemia. This in turn helps you regulate the lipid levels. There are different profiles which dictate cholesterol. It is the LDL, HDL and the triglycerides. The cinnamon in the tea helps you regulate it properly such that you steer clear of any health related issues which can be caused because of cholesterol level fluctuations. Lower cholesterols help you against developing strokes or any other concerns.

Better immunity

Who doesn’t want a better immunity system? Cinnamon is known to have better anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-septic effects which helps your body stay protected in the long run. They neutralise all pathogens and help you stay healthier in the due course. Especially for stomach related illnesses, cinnamon tea is the go to therapy beverage in most of the countries.