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Zone Diet, A Healthy Way Of Healthy Living.

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History Of Zone Diet
Zone Diet has been developed by Dr. Barry Sears who was a bio-chemist in America. This man lost his family members too early due to diseases and then he decided to find out a way of healthy living. And that way of healthy living turned out to be Zone Diet. Dr. Barry made this diet more than 30 years ago, and published the diet in his book ‘The Zone’ in 1995.

 What Is Zone Diet?

Zone diet is nothing but a healthy proportion of carbs, protein and fat that targets healthy functioning of body along with controlled body weight.  


Principle of Zone Diet

# Carbohydrate (low glycemic index) – 40%

# Protein (lean) – 30%

# Fat (monounsaturated) – 30%

Health Benefits Of Zone Diet

Reducing Inflammation :- The main aim of Zone diet is to reduce the diet induced inflammation, since inflammation is actually a major reason behind all the health problems. 

Controls Weight
:- Since, you are having a low fat diet and the only source of fat is healthy, Zone diet aims at losing fat. But you will burn fat gradually not rapidly.

Controls diabetes :- In Zone diet the Sources of Carbohydrates is low in glycemic index, which ultimately minimizes the release of sugar. Plus the diet is made in a way that it has control on the hormones insulin and glucagon, thus it controls blood sugar level.

Slow Aging
:- Zone diet controls a lot functions in our body, and helps our body to function in optimum level, thus prevents aging as well.

Improves Health
:- This is quite natural. Diet plays a major role in our body and if you are having a healthy diet that would definitely help you to live healthy.

Methods To Be Followed In Zone Diet

The Zone Diet can be followed in two ways. But it doesn’t refer that you have to stick to any one method. One may start with one and then later can shift to the other at any time. Well, here are the two methods to be followed in Zone Diet –

1. The Hand-Eye Method
:- This diet suggests you to use your hands and eye to prepare your meal. The five fingers of your hand is a reminder that you need 5 meals in a day, in 5 hours of gap. And your eyes will help you to measure your plate, and to decide what to eat as per the Zone diet. The Hand-Eye Method typically recommends for one third of protein, two third of carbs and a little fat.

2. Zone Food Blocks
:- Here you need to prepare Zone food blocks, and the number of zone blocks will depend upon your height and weight. These Zone blocks are made of protein block, carbohydrate block and fat block. Each protein block contains 7 gm. Of protein, carbohydrate block contains 9 gm. Of carbs and the fat block contains 1.5 gm. of fat. Four to five zone blocks are recommended for one meal while only one zone block is recommended for snacks.  


Foods To Be Eaten

* Fruits – Avoid the fruits rich in sugar and have the rest of the fruits such as apple, orange, berries.

* Fresh green and leafy vegetables and the others.

* Oil – Olive oil, Peanut oil, Canola oil.

* Butter – Peanut butter

* Monounsaturated fats such as walnut, almond, cashew, peanut, pistachios.

* Avocados

* Meat – Lean portion of Chicken, Pork, and Beef. (Though it’s better to avoid any red meat).

* Fish – Fatty fishes and Shell fish.

* Eggs – White portion of the egg is recommended.

* Milk Products – Skimmed milk, Low fat cheese and yogurt.

* Other proteins like Dal, soybean.

* Drink adequate amount of water daily.

Foods To Be Avoided

* White flour such as bread, noodle, pasta.

* Banana, Mango and the other fruits high in sugar.

* Carrot, Potato and the other kind of starchy vegetables.

 * Processed Foods.

* Cake, Pastry, Chips, and any kind of Junk Foods.

* Have Coffee and Tea in moderation.

* Avoid sugar added drinks.

* Wine should be consumed moderately.