Hollywood movies Ladies, Things You Should Must Know About Your Pancreas
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Ladies, Things You Should Must Know About Your Pancreas


Agamoni Das

A woman should always be careful about her health, because according to studies a woman body is more susceptible to diseases than man. So, ladies you have to be careful about your health. You have to know about your body parts and their functions. And in most of the cases it seems that they are not bother about that. Well, the suggestion is don’t do just this. Stop only being knowledged about your stomach or intestine. There are other important parts of your digestive system. And one of those is Pancreas, which plays some major function. Here you are going to be knowledged about your pancreas, tat how it benefits your body. Have a look –


The beta cell of pancreas produces the blood sugar controlling enzyme “Insulin”. Insulin is hormone which can convert glucose into glycogen. This means conversion of the glucose part of your food into the glycogen, as a storage. So, in case of diabetes the beta cells of pancreas is hampered and insulin is not produced. Therefore, diabetes occurs.


I can remember that I had a question in my exam, that how pancreas helps in digestion process. Well, let me tell you that Pancreas plays a vital role in your digestion process. As because it releases digestive enzymes into the small intestine. Pancreas produces lipase enzyme which helps in the breakdown of fat and also produces amylase which helps in the breakdown of carbohydrate. So, pancreas has to function properly for proper digestive system.


The cancer of pancreas might not be very common but it is dangerous one. And the most disgusting thing is that there is no symptom in the early stage. Not a single disturbance is there. But when it is diagnosed it is already too late.


Pancreatitis is actually the inflammation of pancreas. And it occurs due to the formation of gall stones in the gall bladder. Gall stone can block the duct of pancreas, which helps in carrying the digestive enzymes into the intestine. Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting is the most common symptoms of pancreatitis.


The consumption of alcohol is very much injurious for your pancreas. Even if you drink often, then also it is harmful. And people, who are drinking for a long time, usually develop pancreatitis. There would be a huge a digestion problem.

So, these were things that you should have in your knowledge about your pancreas.