Hollywood movies 5 Best Blue Eyeliners Available in India
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5 Best Blue Eyeliners Available in India



Blue is beautiful…

Blue is bold…

Blue is bewitching…

Blue is breathtaking…

Blue is boundless…

Blue is balanced…

The vast sky is blue…The deep ocean is blue.  The rain drops that quench the thirst of a sweet chirping sparrow is blue….

There is an endless list to go.

Wao, the world is full of blue and the speciality of this colour is that …

             It gives a cooling effect to the eyes.

             It is serene and trustworthy.

             It has a congenial ardour.

             It symbolises Trust, loyalty and confidence.

             It is the closest colour to trust Thus…

             Blue would look all the more appealing- If applied on the eyes.

Although the basic colour used for beautifying eyes has been Black, but with new trends in the fashion world, more colour and more Vogue has been added. So now a days many colours are used to enhance one’s glittering eyes and one such colour is Blue.

 It’s high Time to make the world understand what love at first sight means.

So let’s now enumerate the best five blue Eyeliners available in India…

Maybelline New York Blue Eyeliner

 *Blue eyes are starlight winking at the sky.

*Maybelline New York Blue Eyeliner can mix with any  throng and any look.

*It’s time to hypnotize with your blue eyes.

*Made of high quality ingredients, it prevents eyes from any outer damage and also nourishes the eyes.

*Available in fluid, gel and pencil form, it provides a vast variety to the consumers.

 L’Oréal Paris

 *Blue is the only colour that maintains its own identity in all its tones.. It always remains blue.

*The mesmerising ultimate and lustrous look gives you catchy and alluring eyes.

*Just one stroke gives you a faultless 24 hours application.

*Your eyes are an ocean of your dreams. Drown the world in this ocean with the potential of your blue eyes.

 Colorbar Blue Eyeliner

 *The eyes of the onlookers will glitter more than the glittering eyes that are beautified with colorbar Blue Eyeliner.

*It’s high quality shine and smoothness, the perfect velvet touch, relishes all hearts.

*Colorbar promises your eyes with ultimate wings.

*The captivating colour of the outer pack gives a delicate look to the inside Eyeliner.

*So hurry, for this limited colourful edition.

 Lakme Absolute

 *You fall in love with your Eyeliner when it makes the world fall for you.

*An Eyeliner with a fragrance. Have you ever heard of that ???

*You can now have something new in your Vanity Case.

*A long lasting Eyeliner… apply once, show for hours together.

*Lakme Absolute blue Eyeliner is also available in glittering blue colour.

*At times your eyes speak louder than your voice.

*So let your eyes shout aloud.

 Blue Heaven

 *The beauty within is reflected in your eyes and we assure you the gift of heavenly eyes.

*The world of blue heaven showcases you a new range of blue Eyeliners along with the optimum multiple shades of blue.

*Another astonishing part is it’s unbeatable low cost in the market that makes it the biggest selling Eyeliner.

*Better prepare your Eyes to fly… with blue Heaven Blue Eyeliner.

So ladies…. It’s time to..Think different……Think blue……..