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5 Fantastic Rainbow Eye Makeup Ideas.


Sehba Jalal

Rainbow- The word signifies a palette of 7 colours that has always attracted us, right from our childhood days.

As a child everyone among us must have definitely waited for the clouds to subside and the sun to sparkle just to have a glance of those seven colours containing bar called the RAINBOW.

Well there’s some good news for all those girls who have always loved rainbow!

Yes! We are talking about the eye makeup with the blends of rainbow colour in it.

Our fashion industry has always been trending ahead and here is another remarkable add-on in the makeup world- Rainbow eye makeup! Containing the various colours in it, this pretty well goes with any of the wardrobe matches you have wishes for!

Rainbow Eye Makeup Designs – A Fab Way to Look Attractive

To give a helping hand to the makeup lovers, mentioned below is a list of some of the most appealing blended rainbow eye makeup designs. You can pick any of these for the next party or get together you are planning for-

Bridal Rainbow Eye Makeup

If you have been wondering of carrying the rainbow eye makeup for your wedding day, let me tell you, that going to be a great idea. Various eye makeups both in matte and glitters are available to woo your bridal looks.

Eye Makeup with Colour Eyebrow

Rainbow makeup is not just about shading the eyelids or giving the shades around your eyes, but you can even take an extension towards your eyebrows too! Don’t be surprised as it looks pretty cool and happening when you carry this bold look to any of your girly funs or night out clubbing or party.

Rainbow Eye Makeup with blue eyes

Wearing blue contact lenses for those who do not have those natural and dreamy blue eyes is as add-on for an amazing rainbow eye makeup. You can try this type of rainbow makeup with bold tones of neon colours that will highlight your eyes in a much better way. Add a dark tone of eyeliner to magnify the finish of your blended rainbow makeup.

Easy & Simple Rainbow Eye Shadow Makeup

If  this is your first attempt to DIY rainbow blended eye makeup, try with an easy rainbow eye shadow makeup. Apply the various hues of significant colours without trying to fade them with the other colour. This will give a bold and clear hued rainbow makeup, without having to bother about the perfect fading of varied colour used on your eyes. Don’t forget to tone them with a slight application of a thin lined eye liner.

Rainbow Eye Makeup with Glitters

If glitters are your choice, getting the glittery rainbow makeup will definitely be your choice. One can easily find the glittery pallets for creating those rainbow streaks on your eyes.

Choose from any of the above designs for a perfect party makeover for your next event!

Either DIY or take the help on an expert to get those amazing rainbow hues on your eyes!