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Dior Diorshow Eye Makeup Collection Summer 2017


Sehba Jalal

Dior is a French luxury goods company. It’s popular for luxurious makeup, perfume and skin care products and much more. Dior is one of the world's top fashion houses recognized globally. 70 years of Dior journey has been exceptional till now. Dior products are easily available online. With every launch, they are getting more and more popular.  Here is the vetted list of recently launched new Eye Makeup Collection Summer 2017. 

1. Dior 5 Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette

Dior has launched "Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette" this year in the summer collection 2017.  This 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette is available in different combinations. Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette is a perfect blend of 5 luscious shades. These colors will add the new definitions to your eyes. It’s easily available on Dior website. These are the new shades which are been launched by Dior this summer. 

•    557 Focus – yellow
•    867 Attract – mauve
•    220 Sea-Bay
•    520 Sun-Bath
•    630 Shell-Bronze

2. Diorshow Colour & Contour - SUMMER 2017

Not just that Dior has also launched Diorshow Color & Contour – Summer 2017 Eyeshadow & liner duo.  It's available in 3 different shades with the limited edition.

•    Bronze for Shell-Bronze
•    The vibrant contrast of a yellow color
•    Sea-Bay wave of pastel blue

With this contouring to the eyes with 3 coordinated waterproof shadow liner duos, you can flaunt your beautiful eyes. All these vibrant colors will add some glamour to your eyes.

Dior has launched these products to brighten and give you a gorgeous, radiant look for bigger, more beautiful eyes. Using these recently launched products is the ultimate way to add a splash of color to your eyes. 

Dior has also uploaded few videos for picking the perfect eye shadow color for your specific eye color, which is available on their website. Dior brings the art of contouring to the eyes with their beautiful, vibrant shades. 

There are few tips to use these products for ultimate results.


1.    Start with two colors: a neutral color and a darker shade
2.    Run eye shadow brush over light color
3.    Apply light shadow to lid
4.    Run brush over darker color and apply dark shadow to crease
5.    Use a little to blend the dark shadow on your lower lash line for Smokey eyes.

To see the video of the same you can visit the Dior website.
Both the products are handy, easy to carry and worth every penny. This year 2017 Summer Collection is called "Care & Dare" which is clearly visible in the product. 

Care & Dare collection as name suggest cares about the skin and keeps it hydrated with best skincare ingredients and dare adds the vibrant colors and adventure in our makeup routine. With the Care & Dare spirit try these new summertime colors and make your eyes look eye-conic. Its metallic and satiny texture; different shades bring out the eyes with flawless sculpting and color gradation.
It is quite a revolution. Dior Vibrant colors are bringing the magic. Every year Dior would present a new line with an everlasting impression. For those who haven't used the Dior Summer collection yet, discover the hidden beauty of your eyes by applying these amazing products for incredible eyes.