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7 Awesome Waterproof Foundations for Women



 The glittering smile, the sharp twinkling eyes, the perfectly shaped face cut, the beautiful pointed nose and the luxurious look…all goes fade without a glamorous skin and to enhance the quality and shine of the skin, women often use ‘FOUNDATIONS'

Between SUPER HOT WEATHER and vital parties and also, a must attend marriage ceremonies…what helps you avoid a messy, sticky look and give you a polished cool and an alluring arrival is a water resistant foundation promising to stay on under all summer situations.

Just like a foundation stone gives a strong base to an eye catching building, a face foundation gives a strong base to the dazzling perfection of a woman.

Let’s enumerate seven leading impermeable foundations for women

The countdown begins with M.A.C. Waterproof foundation

 * It proceeds successfully on the fundamental test of staying on, for an astonishing time of complete 24 hours.

*  This contemporary foundation is a mixture of a matte finish and medium to full building coverage.

* It diminishes the impressions of blemishes and imperfections on the skin and gives it a featureless and a spotless finish.

* It would best suit for an all day busy outing or for a host who is wrapped in with welcoming of guests and gets a solitary chance to get ready and showcase her charm

The succeeding Waterproof foundation is Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation

 * The optimum elucidation to the skin problems like pores, oily skin, dullness, shrivelled and sun baked skin, rugged patches is none other than Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation.

*  It gives a natural gaze to your skin thus introducing you with the best version of you!

Next in the queue of the best products is Oriflame Foundation

 * Magnificent skin can be yours with this specially made product composed of highly essential volcanic minerals and SPF 15 offering protection from the sun.

*  It is long standing  and blends nimbly and uniformly with all skin types due to its wide range of shades.

*Mainly made of natural resources, it alters the appearance of the skin.

 Revlon colorstay liquid makeup

 *There are many unequivocal situations when many a times humidity and heat ruin our beauty look, just because of the melting makeup but an exemplary Waterproof foundation can act as a SILVER LINING IN THE DARK SKY.

*This can be none other than Revlon Colorstay Makeup notably made for oily skin containing Salicylic Acid that is helpful in controlling oil and is also helpful in providing a poreless finish.

Olay Foundation-A complete skin care solution

* In search of a youthful looking complexion ??

*  Chasing all available expensive brands in the market ??

* Your hunt ends here….

Wanna enjoy stunning gorgeous look everywhere….In a Kitty, In the office, in the dancing rain and the blue cool pool… than try Olay Waterproof foundation.

*It matches your skin tone and undertone.

*The enchanting fragrance  leaves you spellbound and makes you fall in love with yourself.

L'ORÉAL Paris True Match Super Blendable Foundation

 *An ultra clear formula containing no oils or pore clogging fillers, this makeup Foundation stands out among the others.

*It contains SPF 19 and makes the skin feel moisturised.

* A single smooth application fills you with confidence, giving you the most beautiful skin that can be seen, touched and felt.

Last but not the least….

Lakme invisible finish SPF 8 Foundation

 * This super shiny, super glossy product is an excellent solution to your desire for a shiny skin.

*  It is most appreciated for marriage ceremonies and definitely gives the beautiful bride an extraordinary elegant look.

* All you feel is a super blend-able, super soft flawless skin.