Hollywood movies 5 Reasons Why Couples Don’t Talk Of Their Relationship On Social Media?
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5 Reasons Why Couples Don’t Talk Of Their Relationship On Social Media?


Rahul Rawat

We all have turned social media junkies now; posting selfies online with girlfriend/ boyfriend chilling with coke and dashing menu at Mac-D, chatting, tagging our friends and many a people updating almost every live update of theirs on facebook or whats up. And with no objection, people have started to judge people level of happiness on what status they update online doesn’t matter the fake or real it might be.

This all has really turned out the buzzing trend of ours. No doubt having quality time with our loved one is always pleasing and worth capturing those moments in frames. But have you ever thought, why do most of the couples don’t talk about their relationship on internet. Do they feel shy to share those lovely and inspiring moments or something else? We, SWG, have found the five fascinating reasons as to why couples don’t share their relationship on social media.

1. Enjoying Just ‘You & I’: Lost In One Another Company

This is actually the most valid reason. When couples really enjoy and are so happy in each other company, all they want and wish for enjoying each other company in seclusion rather than getting distracted and wasting time in feeding their live updates to social media community.

2. Avoiding Things Getting Revealed Online

The person  in relationship who keeps posting personal matters such as dispute, misunderstanding or everything unimportant as may be online to his/her online media community actually committing a serious silly mistake to getting exposed of every secrecy before people and ruining the relationship.

3. Happiness Comes From Inside And Understanding Oneself

Nothing can make you happy until and unless you are happy or satisfied from the bottom of your heart. The happy couples as they grew mature start understanding from where the real happiness comes and getting lost simply in a feel of heaven with your beloved one.

4. Just Moving On Own Path- You Really Don’t Need to Prove People When You Have It!

Really happy and emotionally balanced couples understand; almost whole of the world is filled with selfish, disloyal and flattering people. So, the fact is if you are really happy and rejoicing with your partner; you don’t really need to show people that you are happy and neither have you to bother for it.

5. The Most Important- Sense Of No Comparison

It has now been revealed by the scientific studies; people who spend more hours on social media are one prone to stress and bodily ailments. Moreover the happier are the couples than those who prefer not posting their relationship lives online on social media platform and not comparing with what their people or friends posting online to show their happiness.

The conclusion is those in relationship need to understand to essentially avoid immature social media habits, learning to seek happiness in one other relationship that could blossom your life and wonderful relationship and living in the live moments rather than posting or we could avoiding posting every stuff of your live on social media!