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8 Clever Tricks That Make You Feel Like A Pro In Kitchen


Rahul Rawat

While some just die for their favourite dish, where as to many a lot cooking seems an endless art to experiment and spell magic with the spices and flavours to food or would you wish to know how to avoid tear shedding while cutting onion or intensifying your dish flavours? No doubt mastering tricks of cooking the mouth watering dish or food is an art and food science in itself.

If you are novice in the kitchen or an occasional cooking lover, learning these below mentioned hacks could really make you feel like a pro in the kitchen and could greatly improve your cooking skills like the world leaders chefs . So, are you ready to catch these all foodies?

1. Softening Butter Without Melting

Just simply have a glass bottle filled with water; oven it for few minutes and let the water throw out. Now put in the butter inside bottle, the heat inside will soften the butter without melting it. That’s so simple!

2. Hard Boiling Several Eggs Altogether

If you are given the task of hard boiling multiple eggs and surely you might be searching for a big pot. But thankfully, with this hack you could hard boil the several eggs in one go by boiling them in the oven instead.

3. Maximizing The Oil/Butter Flavour in Your Food

It’s amazing to know adding oil or butter in the end of food can add much flavour and taste to your food rather than in the start of cooking. This is because the adding oil/butter which basically a fat in the end of cooking process; instead of mixing and going in the ingredients, these directly transfer to your taste buds.

4. Rendering Best Garlic Flavour To Your Dish

Infusing the best garlic flavour to food is just we all foodies love. Simply leave garlic dipped in oil bowl and let it stay for 10-15 minutes to infuse Alicin, the key anti-oxidant compound in garlic. Now the oil, you add in your food would leave strong and tasty Garlicky flavour to your dish.

5. Intensifying Your Hot Coffee/Tea 

Adding sugar sweetens your coffee/tea while adding a teaspoon of salt could greatly intensify your mug of coffee/tea to neutralize the excess sugary and bitterly flavours.

6. Checking Egg You Are Having Is Fresh

Do this a simple trick; just drop your egg in the bowl or glass of cold water. And check the result, a fresh egg will sink to the bottom, egg balancing itself is about 2-3 weeks stale whereas that floating on the water surface is rotten and must not be consumed.

7. Making Egg Peeling Easier

Peeling an egg seems tricky for most of us. But don’t worry doing this simple hack, you could win this. Simply put the egg in the water so that the water gets filled in its shell making it easier for peeling.

8. Avoiding Tear Shedding From Onion Cutting

Put your onions in refrigerator for 15 minutes to avoid tear shedding from onions. Now you don’t need to scare onion cutting.