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Does Your Relationship Need a Break?



I said break, not break up!

 First there are pairs made in heaven, and then there are the rest of us.

Sadly, the us is big in number.

 Relationships have evolved much over the centuries, and the present generation is badly struggling with it.

 We start to like someone, chat, talk, enjoy a plethora of meals, drinks and so on. Then we hold hands, kiss, and sleep together. Up next we get into each other’s families, friends and Facebook relationship status.

Kudos, you are in love.

For the pairs made in heaven, they get married, have kids and then write articles on how others should deal with relationships.

But for the rest of us, things don’t fall in places so easy.

Relationships are not easy, mark my words.

 There are people stuck in one, and don’t even know what he/she is doing in it.

 Fights, sleepless nights, trust issues and so on. The list is long, and time is less!

 Even if you will think of having a future with your girlfriend, you will have some other 1000 questions playing ping-pong on your mind. We don’t even know what we will have at dinner today, and you say future? Nah.

Maybe it’s time for a break.

 By break, I don’t mean break up. If you would ask if breaks are good for relationships?

The results are soemtimes positive.

 Breaks are often welcomed as a reprieve in a relationship and acts as an useful inflection point.

 The space is important.

 A break provides a valuable space between a couple where they can introspect and focus on the assessing of their feelings within the relationship.

 Breaks are often necessary to create a forced space in a stressed relation where it allows someone to come to the realization that they can be more happy, more productive, and can stay better off with someone else or without them.

 The breaks allow the people to spend time where they learn to compromise, sacrifice, co-operate and may be how to dance!

 Relationships are many a times mentally exhausting, and a break can be beneficial for both the parties in any sort of relationship.

 The given time to refocus often creates personal satisfaction and happiness, and hence breaks are risky at times!

 People often start to live . their own with themselves in a break, and tend to break the relation forever.

 And there are people who would spend the whole break crying and wondering what had gone wrong in the relationship. Instead of thinking and refocusing on the needs, they spend the whole time think why did everything go wrong.

 A break doesn’t always lead to a breakup, but it often will.

 Though, any couple who ever had a meaningful relationship could reconcile the broken strings at any time.

 I experienced the good and bad part both. On the first break, it did work well. On the second one, she never got back, hurrah!

 As hopeful as a break sounds, I am not sure if I would bet on the reconciliation part.

But, you never know.

Life is full of surprises!


 P.S - I am still single.