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By Neha

The plants that are put on living walls in horizontal manner are called Vertical Gardens..Vertical gardens are good option for those who dont have a lot of horizontal space.Vertical gardens are also a good option  to cover your unattractive walls.Today vertical gardening is an innovative idea with less effort and space.


Basic Steps for Vertical Garden:

The basic structure of vertical garden wall is a three- four layer sand made of frame,plastic sheeting, fabric etc.Building the whole setup before hanging it.


Ideas for Vertical Gardening:


1. Wall Hanging: If you have small space in house ,you can add a smaller vertical garden plan there.You can use cloth baskets and flowers.


2. Group Planting: You can have plants hung to the walls forming a wonderful cluster.


3. Bottles: You can uses juice & soda bottles for vertical garden.First you tie them all together with thread so that your wall area can be covered. Second, dig in holes from the center for placing desired plants.


4. Wall Planter : Within the wall space you can add the plant.You may also place them in rows.


5. Floral Stand : You can use an wooden piece as a stand filled with flower plants.


6. Wall Decor : You can placed a couple of pots in stylish manner.


7. Windows: You also use your window for small plants.


8. Cloth Packets: You can decorate the unattractive wall by placing small cloth packets filled with small plants.


9. Tiffen Boxes: You can also use old & new tiffen boxes in stylish manner on walls for small flower plants.



Pictures of Vertical Garden:



















Benefits of vertical gardens:


1. Maximise limited space.


2. Grow a privacy screen.


3. Purifies & improve air circulation in house.


4. Reduce the impact of urban enviornment.


5. Improve your life & health.


6. Make your house more beautiful.


7. Improve your savings & standard.


8. Increase the oxygen circulation in house & enviornment.


9.Grow peace & happiness in house.


10. Increase accessibility.


11. Reduce energy costs.


Decorate your vertical garden in "Style with Glamour" ways, and you will love it !!!!!

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