Hollywood movies Pom Pom Makeup Is the New Cool Thing!
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Pom Pom Makeup Is the New Cool Thing!



Pom poms have already taken over the various ingredients that compliment the style statement. Right from the sloppy sandals to the funky earrings, cavalier hand purses, and even those casual blouses catching sight the last summer, there is almost every fashion element that has been inspired with the pompom style.

Then how could makeup remain untouched?

Makeup makes an essential ingredient of the fashion show, without which any of your fashion ingredients remain incomplete. With the most updated and recent trend following in the makeup industry, makeup artists have been looking forwards for adding the pompom styling element to their makeup patterns. Heading towards the nearest craft store there have been multiple touch ups of these funky, fluffy puffs to the makeup of the goddesses of fashion.

Well! This sounds crazy yet desirable!

Whatever is the way you take it, pompom has already added to the makeup essential

parts for fashion.

Multiple Instagram uploads have shown the use of these art and craft supply for lip, eye makeup, colourful contouring on the face, brow art and many other makeup forms that is being tracked in trend since last November. A picture of the Netherlands-based famous makeup artist- Marly became the point of focus with pompom speckled rainbow makeup all over her face. This was done using the high and low face points using the form of contouring palette.

Pompoms have added to the growing list of art and craft supplies being used as a makeup accessory along with various other popular elements such as- glitter lip art, terranium eyes, bejewelled undercuts, etc. It has actually become difficult for the internet to differentiate between the craft supplies and the beauty accessories to be used for a perfect makeup.


Yes, this is the most factual fact these days that those furry little balls that were once used in your art and craft classes could now be used for a fancy makeup show all over your lips, yes and even across your face contours. Combining the playful mood with the fashionable and trendy puffiness of the pompoms, this has added an additional glow and remark to your makeup art.

This type of makeup doesn’t hold good for everyday wearable and looks, but at least they can be tried for a funky and funny look as well. If you have ever been tempted of watching those tiny balls attached to your eyes or a lip in a super trendy pattern, making a try is definitely a must. Either you can try a dot eyeliner trend or glue a single tiny pom-pom below each of your eyes using the eyelash glue.

So, what keeps you waiting, head on to any of your local veterans for this festive weekend and get the look you wish. Hold the suggestion of using eyelash and other makeup glues instead of any other adhesive for sticking the pompoms for the safety and security of your skin and face. Add this trend to your fashion makeup for an impressive, chic and equally clownish popular makeup trend. One thing is for sure – you’ll definitely make thousands of heads turn!