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Sehba Jalal

Tattoo has been one of the most famous and highly demanded fashion statements when it comes to being trendy. Even second person with a fashionable intent got to be holding a tattoo on any of their favourite body places carved with the designs of their choice. Tattoo makers offer a range of designs both from the traditional to the most modern forms to be imprinted on your body.

Permanent tattoos however, need a little higher courage to get it imprinted on the body due to its nature of appearance. Once you get the tattoo, it’s hard to be removed. Thus, a new trend of temporary tattoo has overtaken the tattoo desires for all those love to have tattoos but are afraid of its permanent nature. Well! The good news is you can get your favourite design in the form of scented temporary tattoos from Tattly.

Try remembering that peel off temporary tattoos that came free with any of your favourite bubble gums or candy. That was the time when temporary tattoos got its introduction during the 90s. In addition, there were also glittery temporary tattoos in variable designs to decorate your childhood memories. Working on the same concept are the today’s scented temporary tattoos for inking and decorating your bodies from the store of Tattly. Tattly has been the most recent trending temporary tattoos offered along with alluring scented options to choose from. You can get your design to flaunt yourself, this summer!

Tattly's scented range of tattoos is mostly some of the most desirable and snuffling tattoos suitable for human body. Offering 12 varied scents from the stores of Tattly, they include the following: four herbs, including parsley, rosemary, thyme (naturally)and sage; around four varied candy hue, inclusive of- candy hearts and a ring pop; and four separate floral scents, inclusive of a blue hydrangea, a pink peony, rose and a purple peony. These are available at a price of $6 (for a set of two), or single set of four for $18 (combining two of each hue).

Why go for Scented Temporary Tattoo Tattly?

Even though you can find several reasons to choose these scented temporary tattoos, following are the significant reasons that cannot be denied-

1. They are both trendy and classic at the same time
2. They appear photo-realistic but are temporary in nature that are not just colourful and beautiful but eye catchy and desirable too
3. Is a real fun for kids of all ages and a trendsetter for the youth generation
4. Simply cost savvy and artful for all those who wish to have a tattoo but not at the cost of being a permanent one
5. Each one among the 12 options has a unique fragrance and a huge collection of design templates to choose from
6. They are temporary in nature, non-toxic and skin safe as well

Tattly has the professional touch to these temporary designs with the licensed designs created from the professional hands of the tattoo artists who can pretty well turn them into high-quality oriented temporary tattoos.