Hollywood movies Get Toned And Sculpted Arms With These Easy Exercises
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Get Toned And Sculpted Arms With These Easy Exercises


Agamoni Das

Arms are tending to get fat easily. And that’s embarrassing for most of the people. Moreover sculpted arms are real sexy. But it’s not easy to maintain the toned arms. Well, let’s make it easy. Let’s convert the extra fats of your arms into muscles. All you have to do is some exercises. Exercises, that will work on your entire arm and will bring you toned and sculpted arms.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are some easy exercises that will make the muscles of your arms toned and sculpted. Have a look –


Push-ups are the best way to make your arm muscles toned. As it gives lots of pressure, especially on the muscles of your arms. So, do as many push-ups as you can. Try different types of push-ups but make sure that you are making a straight line from shoulder to the ankles.


Hold two dumbbells in each hand. Bring your elbow up to shoulder height. Place them in front of you as if your two elbows are trying to touch each other. Now stretch the elbows back and drop your forearms down. Now go back to the previous positions. Repeat this process.


First you have to stand in feet hip width apart position. Then bent your hips and your eyes should be looking at the ground. Now bring your arms up and move them behind you, as if your palms are facing each other. Stay in this position for 30 sec. Repeat the process.


You need two dumbbells of 6 to 10 pounds (according to your ability). Now hold the dumbbells at your sides and stand with you two legs, placed slightly in a gap. Lift the dumbbells up to shoulder height. Then turn them out and lift them over your head. Again bring them to the shoulder and then to the starting position. Repeat the process.


Take two dumbbells in your each hand. Lift your arms over your head. Then bring your hands down behind your head and lift them back up. Do this process repeatedly.


Stand in a feet hip width apart position and bent your knees slightly. Now bent your elbows and place your hands in front of you. Then punch your one hand straight out in front of you and bring back the hand immediately. Do the same with the other hand. Make sure that you have to pay some effort for better effect.


Bent your knees a little and your face towards the floor. Now you need two dumbbells. Hold them in front of you in a hanging position, then move the dumbbells outward and again bring them back down. Do repeat the process.