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Some Fun Ways To Be Fit, Without Hitting The Gym


Agamoni Das

Most of the people do not get the time to hit the gym. Most of them actually do not like to go to the gym. Whatever the reason or excuse is, no need to be bother anymore. Because you can be fit without hitting the gym also. And you have to be fit for healthy living. Right?

Well, here are some fun ways to be fit. And trust me; these ways won’t let you feel that you are burning calories.  Have a look here –


All I can say that yoga is the best option. Yes, nothing can replace the benefits of yoga. It has effect on your all body parts. And yoga makes you fit from the inside.


Manage at least 15 min from your daily life and do some basic workouts like planks, push-ups, squats, Burpees and sit-ups. If you are doing these regularly, you are already fit enough.


Cycling is fun for many people. And hopefully the easiest or funniest way to burn calories. So, you can use a cycle instead of your car for the nearby places.


Well, if you can’t swim then let it go. But if you know swimming, then don’t waste your skill. Swimming is almost a full body workout. You can do this easily to get fit.


Personally I feel that dance is fun. And there are many forms of dances, that can make you fit, because you are burning calories as well. So, joining a dance class could be a smart choice.


Skipping is fun since our childhood. And this is one of the greatest ways of burning calories. At first it’s difficult to get back that childhood speed. But give it a try. Skipping has a number of health benefits also.


You can do any one of these three. All of these three are effective for your health. And most of the people usually walk or run to keep themselves fit.


There are several workout videos, which is available on YouTube. Or you can buy a CD also. And make your workout fun with music and aerobics and all.


All the outdoor games are effective. Anything like cricket, basketball, football, tennis or badminton, I mean if you are playing, your are definitely getting fit. And sports are real fun. Isn’t it?


Make a habit of using stairs instead of elevators. Climbing stairs is a great way to burn calories. Even many people climb stairs just to lose weight



It’s an easy way to keep your body fit. And household works are effective also. Like cleaning your house, washing dishes or vacuuming, carrying the groceries, washing clothes or watering the plants, all these works are beneficial.

So, if fitness is your only motto, then no need to go to the gym. These all fun ways can help you to get fit. What are you waiting for?