Hollywood movies Tattoos Can Affect Your Workout. But How?
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Tattoos Can Affect Your Workout. But How?




A Tattoo is a form of body modification, where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either inedible pr temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. A Tattoo might make you stylish or can make you feel smart, but getting a Tattoo is never a smart choice. And it’s definitely not g0od for your health.


First of all getting a Tattoo is painful. A dye filled needle is being punched at a rate up to 3000 times per minute. And the aim of the needle is to puncture your skin and to inject the ink into the dermis layer of your skin. This dermis layer is consisting of nerves, blood vessels and sweat glands. And all these get affected once you start tattooing. Now the body’s immune system starts reacting against this foreign particle or ink. Now, this was the initial problem. The big one is yet to start.


Recent studies have shown another side of getting a Tattoo. It can affect your workout. And the news might be horrible for a fitness freak, who has Tattoos as well. Especially in case of athletes, most of them have Tattoos on their body and also they are always in hardcore workout schedule. Now the thing is that what happens exactly.

Well, Tattoos affect your sweat gland by changing the physiology of the skin. Once you get inked your body forms abnormal type and amount of sweat. And on this context you should know that sweating is good for your health, especially while you are working out. It cools down your body. And also it defines how much active you are at the gym. So, while working out, it’s better that your body starts sweating. But it can’t if your body muscles are covered with Tattoos.

Recently a study was conducted at Alma College by Maurie Luetkemeier (professor of integrative physiology and health science.) they took 10 healthy young men who had Tattoo on one side of their upper bodies, which had to be matched by equal amount of untattooed skin on the other side. And both the side were applied with pilocarpine nitrate to make them sweat.

Now the observation was that, the tattooed part did sweat very less than the untattooed part. The composition of the sweat was also different. The sodium content was more in the inked part.

So, the conclusion is, once you get inked your body’s sweat glands start behaving abnormally. This is not at all good for your health.