Hollywood movies 5 Cool Getups For Your Micro Braids
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5 Cool Getups For Your Micro Braids

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Rahul Rawat

When talking of micro braids, the picture of Caribbean hairstyle, uniqueness, wanderer, tough and pranky rushes to mind. Isn’t it? Well all of us have never tried of stylizing our hair with the micro braids but we all gaze and sometime think of having those stylish and beyond the ordinary look. If you are wishing to have a stylish micro braids or wanna know how you could stylish your micro braids in uber cool ways. Just keep surfing this post.

1. Accented Micro Braids

Well taking of accented micro braid, the name of gorgeous actress Gabrielle Union rushes to mind. As she is the rocking Hollywood with her cool and bold micro braids with some simple silver beaded accents and keeping all her braids off shoulder to one side to create an aura of magic and gorgeous style.

2. Silver Gray Micro Braids

The look having been inspired cunning artic fox is all suited for all those who love this agile creature. Moreover it’s one of the boldest and spirited look for the micro braid and perfectly suited for the agile personality girls.

3. Micro Braid Undercut

If tough and rogue personality is your like, then the undercut look is surely matched to your type. The look is done in two the first by having classic and seductive looking platinum blonde micro braids and underneath an undercut at the back of neck that gives this style a badass personality look and to further enhance the look, have a little powder drawn lovely shape say heart or a flower  to complete the perfect undercut look.

4. Unicorn Micro Braid

Well it might not be the like for everyone as it quite uncommon and somewhat feel like childish look for many.  But for those who love to bring technicolor pink, blue, yellow and red etc to create a rainbow like shades and the rest does the voluminous half bun on top.

5. Simple Half Knotted Micro Braids

Simple black half knotted micro braid, well the name might look longer but the style is quite elegant, simpler and impressive. It’s surely suited for those who hesitate to embrace whacky braids look but has somewhat like for the braids with simple straight hair.

Well the list of braids style seems never ending as the new over new trends keeps flourishing over time. So girls are you are going to have micro braids? And what’s your pick from the list above. And now I believe you gonna love your micro braids!