Hollywood movies 7 Of The Best Breath Taking Ideas To Highlight Your Caramel
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7 Of The Best Breath Taking Ideas To Highlight Your Caramel

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Caramel, well who on this planet is not fascinated and sensualised by just mere name of it! That dripping caramel out of dark delicious chocolate bar is just fascinating. Now imagine realize pretty ladies the same caramel shade to adorn your beautiful hair and locks to feel like medieval era gorgeous princess. Caramel literally is something that breathtaking shade lying between golden and brown. We, SWG, showcase 7 of the best and breath- taking shades to reclaim a gorgeous princess in each of you girls!

1. Mahogany Caramel Highlight

 Blending the two seducing shades together is a sure shot! This caramel is done with Mahogany tint shade so nicely and opulently that only a subtle shade of this highlight is needed to be added in your bouncy dark brown locks to feel like a fairy from heaven on land!

2. Dark Caramel Balayage & Ombre

Get best of the two shades Balayage & Ombre together which is brightly what you girls need to have as Ombre. This caramel gently starts from halfway down your hair and reaches further down to your hair end to create a gorgeous look.

3. Sandy Caramel Balayage

 Sandy gold shade is really for ages. The combination of brown, gold and blonde together is a sure shot stunning that creates a multi-shaded look.

4. Soft Caramel Baby light

 Who’s on planet love not the soft shiny hair of cute babies? How pretty and cool it is if you could attain the same if you wish to have. This soft caramel highlight gives you pretty and brilliantly shining look that you are looking for!

5. Golden Caramel Balayage

 If you haven’t found your picked up one then this Balayage shade might going to be stricking done with the golden blonde and caramel streaks to arouse a sense of royal princess in you.

6. Caramel Colour Melt

 Colour melt, mere the name of it arouses a sense of fascinating caramel melting down a chocolate in mind.  Gladly you can create that look and effect by going for this shade which is no doubt simple but gently attention grabbing.

7. Caramel On Chocolate

 Try out this fairy looking hair shade on your bouncy and shining hair by bumping up the look chocolate brown hair with some deep caramel shade highlight.

We hope you enjoyed the post, stay tuned to get in more & which idea you picked in for your caramel highlight?