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Adorable Hair Colour Ideas for Brunettes with Red

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Sehba Jalal
Applying few unique hair colours can change your entire personality. If you are a brunette then we really understand the trouble that you face while changing your hair colour. But now there is no need for you to sit longer in front of the internet in order to decide your hair colour. You must be thinking why? This is because here is a list of some hair colour ideas for brunettes with red.  Start experimenting with your colour shades without giving a second thought.
Rose Gold-
          red gold
This shade is best for brunettes with red. It will give a classy look to your hair and you will stand out different from others at the same time. This colour will give you rock star look as well. Hence, if you are a hardcore fan of any rock star, this shade will be the best-suited one.
Red Glaze –
       red glaze 
Now there is no need to bleach your hair to get any new colour. As we all know bleaching hair results in extreme damage. Instead, using red glaze shade will work wonders for brunettes with red. Try this red glaze warm look for your hair and trust us it will glaze your hair with added strength and shine. This hair colour idea for brunettes with red will not take enough time of your as well. 
Colored ends – This hair colour idea for brunettes with red will be the one that you would like to try now itself. Give your hair a beautiful look by coloring the ends with some dark colours such as black or brown. Black and blue always look trendy! Though, you can try other colours as well to experiment with your looks.
Dusty pink-
     dusty pink
Try out this trendy colour for your hair. It is something which you will see on a rare basis. The dusty pink shade will give your hair a soft and calm look. Along with this it will go with your everyday life, be it work or home.
Bronde – This colour compliment the brunettes perfectly. The beautiful transition brings a smoky and dazzling look in your hair. Also, the colour enhances your personality by giving you a unique appearance. 
Rainbow look-
          rainbow look
If you are searching for hair colour ideas for brunettes with red then you should try out this rainbow look. This hair shade is applied in such a way that it will stay hidden. You can experiment with your hair-styling and at the same time, there will be no harmful effects on your hair as well.
Ice grey – If you like getting blonde then try this hair colour idea for brunettes with red that will get-go your hair shade to ice grey. This will be helpful for women who are facing the trouble of getting few grey hairs.  
Try out these hair colour ideas for brunettes with red and get a new look. You can experiment any of the shades mentioned above as they will definitely compliment your hair shade.