Hollywood movies Cluttered Yet Cool Hair Styles for College Girls
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Cluttered Yet Cool Hair Styles for College Girls

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Being a college girl, I too remember the fancy of wearing a well styled hair patterned in a different style, as many times as I could. Hairstyle adds a perfect charm on our face and helps us appear in the most stylish way as we wish to.

Rushing for college doesn’t give enough time to spend hours of in front of the mirror trying to style your hair to the fullest. In such cases, one needs to have a quick fix!

Messy hair styles are the current trending hair style that is also pretty favourable for the college girls.

Why not have some guidance and messy hair tips for college girls to try hands on!

 Messy wrap up plait

This can keep you simple yet beautiful while at college. This one’s amongst the style statement hair styles that will keep you eye catchy, throughout your day at the college. Parting your hairs from the middle, collect all the hairs at the end towards one side.  Wrap up a loose plait, ending with a band and keep the curls in a natural flow.

Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle

This hairstyle never goes wrong! Being the most common hairstyle for every girl next door, try the bouffant pony tail! Adding a little more volume to your regular ponytail, you can still appear to be a chick at the college. Carry your boyfriend shirt that goes with a pair of ripped jeans that will perfectly go with this statement hairstyle to rock your appearance.

Side pony tail for college going girls

Adding a little mess around your hair, tie all your hair into a side pony halting on your shoulder. This can be a true life saver, when getting late for college. This hairstyle goes perfect for both medium length and long length hairs. It can be done in just a few minutes by combing your hairs and tying a side show, while leaving the front fringes in a messy brushed form with a little heat for a curly appearance.

Triple Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Being one of the most versatile hairstyle for college girls, triple braid ponytail has been truly loved and one of the most popular college hairstyle. This simple braided ponytail in triple structure can be quickly prepared. It would hardly take 10-15 minutes to get ready in this super chic casual appearance, while getting ready for your college. Suitable for all face cuts, all you got to do it mess with your hair and add colourful fancy hair bands around the three levels made on the braid.

Messy Hair No Care

The best way simply walk to your college is leaving your hair flowing around in a complete mess. The simplest of all other hairstyles, just put on a little hair gel so that you don’t appear to be juts out of your bed. Brush them in an ad-hoc manner leaving a little mess and bounce behind. This will definitely highlight your chic factor and college drama queen look.

Which one are you gonna try tomorrow?