Hollywood movies A healthy diet will ensure your hair gets all the sustenance it needs to grow long.To fasten up the growth of your hair, you can try out natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster.
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Easy & Effective Tips to make your hair grow fast and long

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Sehba Jalal
Do you want your hair to be like Rapunzel? If yes then we have something for you. We have come with an ultimate answer on how to make your hair grow fast and long in the form of some very important used and trusted tips and techniques.  To achieve your dream of getting long and strong here, this is what you need to do.
              long hair
There won’t be any magic – The most important thing is that long hairs are not achieved in few days. Actually, it is the result of regular regime that includes proper hair care and few effective remedies too. If someone tells you that they have a trick or anything that will help in growing your hair instantly then don’t believe the same. Have the patience to check the results of tips that you are following for your hair.
Don’t shampoo every day – Using shampoo every day will not help you in growing your hair but would rather damage your hair’s essential oil. Shampoos are mostly used to clean the dirt particles from the scalp. So, unless you feel your scalp to be dirty, don’t apply shampoo.  Use it only in case of an emergency or every alternate day.
Cold water rinse – 
           cold water rinse
This will help you to make your hair grow fast and long. Every time you shampoo your hair, make sure to rinse it with cold water. This will maintain the natural moisture level in your scalp and will help grow long hair. Remember that washing hair with hot water disturbs the pH balance of your scalp and also weakens the hair roots. Moreover, using hot water damages the texture of hair, making them look dull and rough. 
Oil your hair – 
Like you, your hair also needs some food. And for hair, it is the oil that is considered as food. So make sure to apply oil almost every week and if possible every alternate day as well. There might be a chance that due to your busy schedule it would be difficult for you to oil your hair regularly. In such case, you can simply do one thing; apply oil around one to two hours before you wash your head. Even this much time is also enough to give proper nourishment to hair through oil. 
Supplements – You can also take some supplements to make your hair grow fast and long. But make sure to check the supplements with your doctor. Your doctor will advise you about hair supplements only after a proper and detailed consultation. 
Balanced diet – 
           balanced diet
Avoid taking fast or junk food if you seriously want to make your hair grow fast and long. Taking proper meals that include green vegetables, pulses and fruits will be very helpful as they will provide proper nutrients to your hair and will make them grow fast and long. 
Now you must have got your answer as to how to make your hair grow fast and long, right? So what are you waiting for; try using these tips right-away and see the results after couple of months.