Hollywood movies Hair Breakage & Scalp Dryness? Prepare Your Own Garlic Shampoo In Just 10 Minutes!
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Hair Breakage & Scalp Dryness? Prepare Your Own Garlic Shampoo In Just 10 Minutes!

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Rahul Rawat

 One’s hair defines one’s personality. Isn’t it?  That’s why caring and loving our hair is necessary for a handsome persona. Well, hair problems and their fixes range on a wide scales differing from person to person. But one of the common hair problem and nightmare is the hair dryness that actually causes severe hair fall and eventually hair thinning and hair fall


Well market is flooded with too many hair dryness removing shampoos and oils. But herein I tell how you could use your Garlic shampoo, a strongly recommended hair product, to fix your extreme hair fall and re-nurture and restore your voluminous and bouncy hair.

  Why Garlic Shampoo?


Garlic is a strongly recommended hair product finding top utilities in several health care tips beside just as a kitchen item. Garlic shampoo is one of the best products to curb hair dryness and eliminating scalp itchiness.  The best part here is you don’t need to purchase it from market you could easily prepare at your home. Just stay glued to this post to talk about how you could prepare your garlic shampoos in just five minutes.

  Benefits Of Garlic Shampoo

1. Hair Thinning


Due to its anti-biotic properties, garlic is an excellent product to curb hair fall and bacterial infection.  Hence it helps to restore your natural hair volume and thickness of the hair strands.

  2. Eliminates Scalp Dryness & Boosts Blood Circulation


It repairs even those hair strands those have been damaged by chemical and radiation. As the hair overall health depends upon on a healthy scalp, so it boosts your hair health by eliminating scalp itchiness and dryness and miraculously it boosts the blood circulation and removes out toxins from your hair strands and keeps your scalp safe from any hair damaging bacterial attack.

  3. Curbs Hair Loss


It helps hair breakage by strengthening the hair strands and thus preventing hair thinning and also curbs spilt ends hair.

How You Could Prepare Garlic Shampoo At Home?


  Ingredients Needed


-10-15 Fresh Garlic Cloves

-1 Tablespoon Olive oil

-2-5 Drops Peppermint Oil

- 3-5 Drops Tea Plant Oil

- 1 Bottle Shampoo, ideal to pick an organic one.

  Time You Need


10-15 Minutes!

  Prep Time


5-8 Minutes

  Processing Time


5 Minutes

 Preparing Your Garlic Shampoo


1. First peel fresh garlic cloves and wash these under tap until they are full clean.

2. Now grind and blend the cloves well to form a smooth paste.

3. Add some water followed by blending so that you get a bit creamy paste.

4. To this paste add 1 tbspn of Olive oil and some drops of peppermint and tea tree each.

5. Mix the paste thoroughly until the whole ingredient mix well.

6. Add and store this paste in an air tight shampoo bottle to avoid flavour leakage

7. Use it in place of your regular shampoo product usually 2-3 times on weekly basis.

Few Of The Best Garlic Shampoos- ‘’Unscented’’

 Vatika Garlic Shampoo (Rs 4,750- 200 ml), Fonex Garlic Shampoo (Rs 9, 31- 375 ml), Alter Ego Garlic Shampoo (Rs 1,478- 500 ml), Nutrine Garlic Shampoo ( Rs 2,254- 473 ml).


  Watch Out!


Avoid using garlic shampoo if you are having a sensitive skin or eczema. Otherwise go try your own prepared garlic shampoo!