Hollywood movies High Lift Hair Colour- What Is It & How It’s Different From Bleaching?
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High Lift Hair Colour- What Is It & How It’s Different From Bleaching?

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Rahul Rawat

Well, who among us not love to blonde hair platinum or light? Most of you might voice for bleaching the hair to get your fantasy hair colour. But evil here is; it’s widely known that bleaching damages your natural hair texture and strength.

So, is your dream of turning your hair colured the safest way you wish shattered? Gladly not at all! We are in the tech era, scientific innovations and researches are being processed each new day in every domain. So is hair industry untouched, the hazards of bleaching paved way to a new safe and innovative hair colour known ‘High Lift Colour’ that is the new trend of hair blonde and buzz of the fashion town. Don’t pop up questions, just surf this post and get ready for the hair colour the way you have just only dreamt of till now!

High Lift Hair Colour- Revolutionary Hair Colour!

High Lift Hair is a permanent hair colour that is actioned to lighten your hair without any irritating bleaching required at all. It simply ‘lifts’ some of the natural pigment of hair follicle and deposit the colured dye there at the same time. It comes with high ammonia concentration and dye pigments that help to take up the desired hair colour effectively and easily. The ammonia helps to open up the cuticle, outer cellular layer of hair, to help it take up the dye colour. And for the enhanced results, it’s better to tone your hair after using the high lift hair colour, as recommended by the leading hair stylists, to get the exact look you wish and used it ratio of 1:2 with 40 volume developer, a lightening and toning agent.

How Is High Lift Hair Colour Different From Bleaching?

- The biggest underlying difference between the two hair colour products is that bleaching could be done upto 3 to 8 levels to lighten your hair whereas high lift hair colour can’t be used more than 5 levels.

So, high lift hair colour could only used for dark blonde hair to turn them light or platinum blonde whereas if you have got dark brown hair and wish to go for the super light blonde shade then bleaching is best option you must go for.

- While toning is absolutely necessary after bleaching to get rid of brassy or orange tones while toning is not necessary with high lift hair colour although toning is suggested after high lift colour to get the more exact shade you wish.

- No irritation and burning sensation with high lift hair colour while the same is not with bleaching.

- High lift hair colour is safer than bleaching however improper usage can cause severe damage to your hair.

When To Use High Lift Hair Colour?

First thing required with high lift colour is natural or virgin hair that must already be in dark blonde or light brown in colour. Girls who have gone hair dressing like straightening/perming/ curling etc must wait for two weeks before using it. The important thing here as to when rightly use high lift hair colour is that you should apply it exactly when your hair are ready for its usage without keeping it stay free for long hours otherwise it would lose its bright lightening properties.

Applying High Lift Hair Colour

You Would Need

  • High lift hair colour
  • 40 Volume developer
  • Hair brush, dye brush
  • Hand gloves
  • Bowl
  • Conditioner & shampoo
  • Clips


  1. Mix high lift colour with 40 volume developer in ratio of 1 and 2 in a bowl and mix it well with help of hair dye brush.
  2. Put in your hand glove.
  3. Part your hair first in horizontal and then vertical direction and after it divide them into 4 sections.
  4. Clip any 3 parts and use the high lift colour to any part you wish for, picking up ¼ section of hair, apply high lift colour to all the hair gradually.
  5. Work the colour throughout the length of hair by pulling the hair with your fingers.
  6. Leave your hair for drying and let the colour develop for the duration as mentioned on the product box (max 60 minutes).
  7. Wash your hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
  8. In last shampoo and condition your hair.

Hope you enjoyed the post!