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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

The growing pollution and you not able to shelve out much time to care for your hair has been one of the root causes of thinning bad quality hair. We care less, and use unnecessary synthetic products making the situation worser.

It isn't only you, almost everyone is now a victim of poor quality hair.

Taking time out of your busy schedule seems a pretty tough job and neither can you bring the pollution down all by yourself.

So, your hair won’t grow good on its own!

Getting good hair seems like a tough job here. No! The easy and most effective solution is changing what you use.

Yes, we have the solution to all your hair problems. Cleansers specially made with Tulsi, Lime and clinically graded botanical ingredients help to solve all your hair problems naturally without harming your scalp.

Don't believe that? Okay.

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Hair are dead cells, but they need proper nourishment and timely cleansing to stay healthy. Here are the five reasons who you need to switch your hair cleanser to a natural cleanser right now –

1. Goodness Of Tulsi

Basil or Tulsi possesses multiple medicinal values like coolant properties which will cools down your scalp and helping your hair grow healthy. Tulsi brings in qualities of making your hair look lustrous and shiny.

2. Stripping Off Excess Oil

The Lime in the cleanser will help your hair to strip out all the excess oil making your hair bouncier and healthier. Lime gives your hair a sleek finish, making it look good and healthy at the same time.

3. Root Cleansing

Cleansers with Organic Soapnut help in deep cleansing. It helps to cleanse the hair thoroughly without damaging the scalp, helping your hair to rejuvenate and grow.

4. Stronger & Healthier Hair

The organic ingredients used in the cleanser will help your hair to get stronger and healthier. The different organic substances used in the cleanser will make your hair strong and free from split ends and dull finish.

5. Organic Flax Seeds

The cleanser comes with Organic Flax Seeds that will help your hair to shed the scalp dead cells. Such cleansers will make sure your hair is deeply cleansed, making your hair look healthy and shiny.

Why Choose Divinectar Hair Cleanser Over Other Products?


With so many hair cleansers available in the market, choosing the right one could be a hard deal. Many companies make false promises and comes loaded their harmful chemicals, synthetic ingredients and artificial substances.

These cleansers may provide you instant results, but will ruin the quality of your hair in long term.

Choosing a cheaper alternative at the cost of your hair is solely your decision. Products specifically made with chemical-free EcoCert, non-GMO and Vegan ingredients are the best.

You will find multiple ayurvedic based cleansers which only uses clinically graded botanical ingredients to provide you the an effective hair care.

Which One Should You Prefer – Natural Or Chemical Ingredients?


The market is flooded with cheap hair products infused with harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients.

These hair cleansers may provide you instant results, but it will degenerate your scalp and hair, making it lose its all natural qualities in the long term.

While products with natural ingredients help your hair retain its lost shine and quality, and maintain a healthy hair in long term.

The natural hair cleansers come with specially made chemical-free EcoCert, non-GMO and Vegan substances, so that you can maintain a stronger and healthier hair without worrying over the harmful chemicals.