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Is Olive Oil Effective For Dry Hair?

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Desiring for long and shiny hair is choice of every young girl. But to manage and deal with dry hairs that turn frizzy after you wash these out and battling for combing with these is really quite hectic.  Well, there are indeed several ways to deal with your dry hair but does olive oil prove working for the dry hair and scalp? Could you use it to turn your dry hair healthier and stronger? Stay glued this post to know more.

Olive Oil- Amazing Dry Hair Care Oil

Olive Oil has been proved to be amazingly excellent for unrivaled health benefits and several new are being discovered every day. For dry hair olive oil perfectly renders unique nutrition and conditioning to hair. It repairs the most damaged hair by strengthening the root hair and restoring the natural thickness of the hair strands. Basically its dual action of strengthening and improving flexibility of hair hence making them easily manageable and softer with no hair tangling.

Ways To Treat Dry Hair With Olive Oil

1. Olive Oil For Massaging Scalp

Olive oil is used for massaging the scalp and hair to provide deep sense of relaxation and excellent nourishment to the dry hairs. Doing this it greatly makes your hair lustrous, stronger and smooth. Moreover it locks moisture in hair for long hours.

2. Shampooing With Olive Oil

The reason why olive oil is seen as the main ingredient of several shampoos is because of its natural capacity to rejuvenate and hydrate the long hair shafts. Shampooing with olive oil leaves behind smooth, lustrous and easily manageable hairs.

3. Conditioning With Olive Oil

Well, for repairing the dry and brittle hair conditioning is desirable to turn back and restore the natural look and strength of the hair by locking the scalp dryness arising out of hair dryers cosmetics or salty water and even UV rays etc. And to deal with dandruff and flakes massage scalp and comb out the flakes and  leave olive oil in your hair and cover it with a shower cap for the extra conditing

Few Tips For Better Results With Olive Oil

Simply putting it works best for the thick, dry and even split ended hair as olive oil tends to weigh down thinner hairs.  With the below tips, you could maximize olive oil for the enhanced results.

1. Mild Hot Oil Treatment

Just heat a ¼ cup of olive oil over your cooking gas flame or in a microwave. Gently pour the oil carefully on your head; now massage your scalp and move your fingers across the length of hair to so that moisture of the oil is evenly spreaded. Let it stay for half an hour and wash it a shampoo.

2. For Dealing With Highly Dry Hair

If you have got extremely dry and brittle hair, don’t just be upset. You could treat them with intense hair conditioning.  Just simply add olive oil and boiling water in equal proportions in a blender and blend them thoroughly until the two are emulsified effectively. Now massage your scalp and hair with this mix thoroughly and wrap your with a towel for about 40-45 minutes and unwrap it afterwards. However you might need less time for minor dryness and have to go for shampooing twice for completely eliminating the oil left over and residue.

3.  Olive oil & Egg

With this treatment popularly called as ‘Hair Mask Treatment’, you need some other things like peeled cucumber and egg, the most common natural conditioners, to achieve some extra nourishment to your dry hair.

Egg being rich in protein strengthen the hair follicles roots while cucumber extracts out the left over oil residue and shampoo traces.  Blend effectively 1 egg, ½ chopped cucumber and 4 tablespoon olive oil and apply the same mix on your hair with a brush. Just leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with a nourishing shampoo twice.