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Latest Hair Colour Trends for 2018

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jyoti kumari

Fashion trends tend to change with time, but what remains intact forever is the hair colour trend. Giving a new way and adding the best fashion amongst the other most popular and loved fashion trends, hair colour has always had an upper edge over others.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to take a dip in this trend?

Well! Mentioned below is a list of hair colour trends you could follow this season-

Caramel Ombre Hair Colour
Unlike the other colour trends, the caramel ombre is always up to stay. Dissimilar to the other dip-dye looks, the contemporary ombre styles are available in many of the complementary shades and the most contrasting hues, coming together. For the dark brunettes, you can try the seamless bronze melt right from your mid-lengths hair to the ends.  This shade will definitely add an extra awesome hue to your hairstyle and has been one of the most favourite red-carpet approved hair colours.

Black Hair with Rose Highlights
This rose gold highlight with the black hair goes perfect for the light-haired colour and the brunettes. Imagining a rose gold shade with black hair, even though appears difficult but, trust me it’s one of the best to try. For this one, you can go for a coppery rose gold balayage highlights all across your black hair. Try keeping a few highlights around your face, too.

Chestnut Brown Hair Colours for 2018
If you think the chestnut brown hair colour is pretty boring? You are actually wrong. Actually, chestnut brown hair colours is one of the most picked hair colour for 2018. This one can be tried for the entire hair or just for a few highlights. Try this one for an interesting and most updated hair colour to try.

Burnt Orange
This one’s a favourable hair colour for all those who wish to appear bold. For this, you can turn your brunette balayage hair with the orange balayage highlights all over the tips of your hair locks. In order to have a natural-looking hair colour, don’t forget to use the balayage technique. This colour goes perfect and seamless on brunettes. All you dark-haired ladies can try this bold look in vivid shades, including, orange, blue, green etc.

Spiced Cider Hair Colour

Spiced cider hair colour is the hottest and the most recently updated trend of the winter of 2018. This one’s amongst the most recent and exotic appearances, tried by the red carpet ladies. If you think that no new colour can come up as a hit for all, you are definitely wrong this time.  The spiced cider hair colour goes for all kinds of hair types- small, medium or long hair and keeps you perfect in all those public appearance, you plan for your next event. If you need a much spiced up appearance this winter, this newly trending hair colour will surely warm you heart.

Add the right colour spice to your hair, add life to them!