Hollywood movies Wanna Grab ‘The Perfect Dashing Guy Look’? Watch Out Singing Sensation Bilal Saeed’s Hairstyle
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Wanna Grab ‘The Perfect Dashing Guy Look’? Watch Out Singing Sensation Bilal Saeed’s Hairstyle

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It’s absolutely stunning, dashing and inspiring, it’s Bilal Saeed. He is one name that is staying in Punjab Music Industry with the unshaken popularity graph. Every celebrity has his/her own style but Bilal Saeed (Born 12 Dec, 1988, Sialkot) is absolutely unique who is equally talented in singing as well as in composing songs. To remind of some of his best popular songs are ‘Adhi Adhi Raat’ and ‘12 Saal’ etc and has won PTC Music Award.

He had something in him for music since his birth. After working with some of great Pakistani singers where his some songs turned out very popular subsequently he opened up his own production house named Bee’s studio. No doubt, we all are just crazy for his songs and hairstyles. Let’s today look closer and grab his hairstyle to put on his style for being his crazy cool fans. Just go with us!


1. His Old Signature Style: Long Straight Hair

It’s being his old signature style; Bilal came up before people with this hairstyle and short chin strap to grab an ‘Arab Boy’ look. It really suited him perfectly to his tall and lean body.


2. His Long Bun Look

Well, putting on buns and beard is the new fashion trend among youngsters. Bilal Seed this one look is really all for those who just want to grab the perfect bun to suit on the long hair and style too.


3. His Chin Strap Beard

Totally injustice to comment on his stylish and perfectly suiting his face is his unique and stylish beard outstanding him unique out of all other singers. It’s great!


4. His Side Blunt Hairstyle

Bilal looks pretty handsome in this side blunt hairstyle. This is one of the best look for the casual and formal loom both. It’s dashing and cool.

5. His New Hairstyle

Going for all new hairstyle, Bilal this time puts a new hairstyle for a new Bilal Seed avatar. His hairstyle includes long and dense hair on top with very short hair on sides. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the singer this new look is really inspiring symbol for millions of his fans with his signature chin strap.

Swaying the people with his crazy songs, he has already made a strong position in the Punjab Music Industry and gradually moving ahead for the pan India popularity, singer Bilal Seed’s fame and stardom is really unshaken and we, all, love his songs and desperate to hear more and more hits from this young talented Pakistani singer. He is very active on social media having millions of fans and one could follow Bilal Seed on his fb account Bilal Seed Music as well as on Twitter@bilalseedmusic.


We, SWG, wish him all very the best for his future endeavours and keep on going Rockstar! Do share the article with your friends who too are crazy for Bilal Seed’s songs and style.