Hollywood movies How Flowers And Ribbons For Hairs Are A Fabulous Pick For Occasions?
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How Flowers And Ribbons For Hairs Are A Fabulous Pick For Occasions?

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By Style_ Glamour

For special occasions such as wedding , parties , fresh flowers are a perfect pick for hairs.There are various fantastic flowers fabrics avaliable in the market , that you can buy and can easily use as your hairpiece accessory.Let us tell you the sides that gives a diva look, where you can put up these flowers.



* A large flower is a best pick to place above the ear on the opposite side to where hair is swept.


* Place a flower at the base of a bun for simple and effective details.Having the flower to one side or slightly below the top of the bun is more elegant than placing it above the bun.


* Fabric flowers on bands are gripped to one side of the base of the ponytail are very striking.The longer your hair , the larger the flower should be to prevent it , looking too indistinct.


* An exaggerated flower adds drama to a ponytail, the larger and more ornate the flower.The more it looks glamourous.


Along with flowers , there are also wide range of bows and ribbons that are avaliable, that you can easily  be used to contrast with your outfit.So let us tell you the ribbons and bows , how to put them up into your hairs-



* Most ribbons , especially those made from silk or satin fabric , will be too slippery to hold hair in place, so wrap them over a headband.


* Adding a neat , ready made bow lift a simple ponytail in an understated way.It is smart enough for most formal occasions or can be worn for a night out.


* Try winding a ribbon round a long section of hair and finishing with a loose bow for a different look.


* Decorative bows can be attached to hair slides or hair clips and adds style to a simple , neat styles.

So try pick new flowers , ribbons and bows for your hairs and make them look stylish and glamourous.