Hollywood movies Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday destination that's home to some deliciously fresh cuisine.
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10 Japanese Foods We Can’t Live Without- Crispy, Yummi & Chewy!

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Rahul Rawat

The beautiful Japan is known globally for its cutting edge technology and cuddling Panda that are unmatched in the world. But it is globally and equally famed for its hot favourite Japanese foods which are so unique and  loved by people all round. Here in are the top 10 Japanese foods that we just can’t live without and are a big hunger quashing and elegantly delicious!

1. Unagi


Soaked in Kabayaki sauce, a popular sweet soy, then grilled and served hot, Unagi made from Japanese eel fish is among the hot favourite delicious dish in Japan known for its intense and smoky flavour

2. Sanuki Noodles


Well who doesn’t love chewy and silky noodles? The Sanuki Udon noodle which is much popular in Shikoku region of Japan characterised by its square and flat edges and served with hot noodle soup that is sure to utter you Yummi!

3. Japanese Pork Cutlet

    pork cutlet

Pork meat or Tonkatsu, a browny and crispy in texture, is a deep fried food contained of breaded pork cutlet mostly served with raw shredded cabbage.

4. Fermented Soyabeen

       fermented soyabeen

If you have a like for Soyabeens like me then these steamed fermented soyabeens would be nice like for you that are known for their mouth watering slimy flavour.

5. Yakitori


What was traditionally limited to barbequed poultry skewers but now cover up vegetables and other meat products.

6. Sushi


It is one of the special dishes prepared with vinegared rice combined with variety of seafoods, vegetables and tropical fruits.  Moreover it is ocassionaly served with sweet and sugar.

7. Okonomiyaki


This hot favourite pancake is a savoury dish that could be made with any ingredients you like viz meat cutlets, fresh shrimps and crabs and even chewy cheese.

8. Gyoza


Although originated in China but now available worldwide which are juicy from inside and bowny crispy from outside which is perfect meal for your dinner night.

9. Japanese Raman

      japanese raman

It comes in different flavours in different parts of Japan. The most popular among these are Shoyu, Shio, Tonkotsu and Miso.

10. Chirsi-don

        chirasi don

Contained with the savour of fresh fish with a big bowl of rice, vegetables and any ingredients of your like. Moreover its recipe is very simple and plain but it’s a big hunger quashing Japanese food!

Do these foods a must try and you would be going to say Oh! I can’t live with these Japanese foods.