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These Foods Will Naturally Help You To Lower The Cholesterol Level

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Agamoni Das

High cholesterol level is one of those that make you prone to cardiovascular diseases along with many other problems. But at the same time your body needs cholesterol and that too for a healthy heart. Well, here let me clear you that, there two types of cholesterol. First one is the Good Cholesterol that is the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) which your body requires. And the second one is the Bad Cholesterol, the LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), Triglycerde that makes your body suffer. So, when you discuss about the problems of high cholesterol level or how to reduce it, these actually indicate the bad cholesterol.

Besides having your medicine there are foods that can help you to lower the bad cholesterol level naturally. Let’s have a try –


    Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Fatty fishes contain omega-3 fatty acid, a heart healthy component. It helps to decrease the bad cholesterol and provides your heart the good cholesterol. It actually replaces LDL with HDL. Salmon, Tuna, Herrings these are highly beneficial.


       unsaturated fats

Nuts contain Phytosterols, a structural replica of cholesterol. And Phytosterols works on the absorption of bad cholesterols by lowering it. Moreover nuts provide you healthy fats that are the unsaturated fats. So, a handful amount of almonds, cashew or walnuts can be a good treat your heart as well.


      control bad cholesterol level

Researchers have found that dark chocolate plays a major role, not only in lowering the bad cholesterol level but also the blood pressure and blood sugar. Dark chocolate contains the anti-oxidant named flavonoids and cocoa as well, both these two are responsible for a healthy heart.


       anti-oxidental properties

Whether you have high cholesterol or not, a cup of green tea is always beneficial. In addition to its anti-oxidental properties, it is well known for removing the bad cholesterols.


      Cholesterol busters

Oats Contain soluble fibre, which actively lowers the cholesterol level. So, a bowl of oats is definitely a good start to your day.


       fights against high cholesterol level

Black bean, kidney bean and such other dry beans are significantly known as heart healthy foods, since they provide a little amount of calorie. Moreover beans, peas, and lentils these are full of fibre and protein. Definitely fights against high cholesterol level.


      Avocados are essential for lowering the LDL

Here comes another one that lowers the cholesterol level. Avocados are essential for lowering the LDL level and increasing the HDL, since it contains high amount of monounsaturated fats and fibre.


      help in reducing cholesterol level

While preparing your foods there is no substitute of the benefits of olive oil. And keeping the cholesterol level in the mind Olive oil would be the best option. It lowers the LDL level.


        Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of anti-oxidants. Although a diet with full of vegetables provide you very little amount of calories, which ultimately benefits your heart. Carrot, edamame, okra, eggplant these vegetables will help you to reduce cholesterol. On the other hand citrus fruits, oranges and apples these contain soluble fibre which lowers the absorption of cholesterol.  


        essential for lowering the bad cholesterols

 Berries specially the strawberries are essential for lowering the bad cholesterols.  


       keeps cholesterol levels low

Green leafy specially spinach, kale these contain a component which restricts the adverse effects of the high cholesterol.


      provide omega-3 fatty acid

The soy foods such as soybean, tofu, and soy milk these are rich in protein. Moreover the soy foods provide you omega-3 fatty acid so that they fight against LDL.


      lowering the blood pressure

High amount of bad cholesterol leads to deposit fats in the arteries. Garlic may prevent this fat deposition. Also it helps in lowering the blood pressure.