Hollywood movies Which Foods Are Mandatory For Your Muscle Growth? Click Here To Know About Some Muscle Building Foods.
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Which Foods Are Mandatory For Your Muscle Growth? Click Here To Know About Some Muscle Building Foods.

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Agamoni Das

Before knowing the foods that are mandatory for muscle growth, you need to know about the importance of foods in the growth of your muscle. And make it sure that if you don’t eat properly you can’t gain muscle. No workout, no gym, nothing can help you to gain muscle if you are not taking proper foods. Now come to the next point. People, who are exercising at the gym daily, are having different aims. If one wants to make six pack abs then another one wants to lose weight. But the thing that is common in every case that they want to grow muscle. And what about ectomorphs? They are probably doing the hardest to grow their muscle. Well, you guys need these foods the most. Specially, if you want to grow your muscle, add these foods to your daily diet to promote muscle growth –


Fatty fishes such as Salmon are highly recommended as they are very rich in protein. And omega-3 fatty acid helps to keep your health well. Moreover Salmon is packed with protein that helps to increase your muscle strength on an extreme level.


Chicken is another rich source of protein and such a great muscle building food. For most beneficial effects eat boiled chicken without salt and you may add vegetables also.


Eggs are packed with essential nutrients that support the quick muscle recovery and muscle growth. Egg has got the highest BV 9Bioogical Value). And foods with higher biological value have the most easily digestible protein.


Oysters contain high quality of protein. T is also rich in potassium that helps to regulate muscular contraction.


Lean beef is not only rich in protein. They contain muscle binding multi-vitamins. Moreover beef is high in biological value and that indirectly helps in repairing the muscles after workout.


Almonds are another excellent source of protein, which is also involved with protein and energy metabolism.


Milk contains all the essential amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of protein as well as muscles. And chocolate is such a high energy producing substance. So, you can go for it.


Whey protein is the most popular supplement for building muscle. They provide a fast and convenient source of protein. And the most important part is that it’s affordable. You can take whey protein at least 3 times a day.


9Here are some fruits and vegetables that are must for muscle growth. And their function is related with your muscle growth –



Apple is consisting of polyphenol that helps to improve your ability of putting up weights for so long. Moreover “An apple a day, keeps doctor away”


Studies have shown that papayas are rich in Vit-C that helps to lower the increased cortisol level after intense workout.


Berries are rich in fibre and they contain only little amount of sugars. Blue berries can be good choice.


An orange before workout or a glass of orange juice can improve your strength and endurance.



You need energy to be fueled up during workout. In that case avocados are beneficial as they contain monounsaturated fat.


Banana can be best choice for your pre and post workout nutrition. You can make some smoothies with bananas also.


Grape fruit contains 90% of water, which can be helpful to prevent the occurring of dehydration due to workout.


Footi contains good carbohydrate which is easily digestible. You may have a Footi after workout or you can start your meal with a Footi.


Broccolis are rich is sulphur compound, which helps to protect your muscles against exercise induced damages.



Just remember about ‘Popeye the sailor man’. How he used to increase his strength after eating spinach. Jokes apart. Spinach is highly recommended as it contains almost all the essential nutrients for every part of your body. The dietary nitrate found in spinach helps in increasing the production of proteins that boost muscle strength.

So, guys, add these foods to your daily diet to promote your muscle growth.