Hollywood movies ‘Top 10’ Big Celebrities With White Hair
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‘Top 10’ Big Celebrities With White Hair



Do you love flaunting style with your hair? Well, who serious fashion freak and spirited individual wouldn’t be and who doesn’t love having shiny black hair. No doubt not many buddies like the idea of white hair but you must have heard the saying, ‘’ These hair have turned grey/white in the wake of long tiring experience not just normally, understand dear!’’.

But indeed, gone are the days now when grey or white hair were seen as sign of falling age; now the individual with white hair could get motivated from these celebrities with the white hair who are touted as the ‘influential fashionistas’ enjoying the privilege of having and inspiring people with their white hair and many have dyed and turned their black hair voluntarily to white to ignite the new trend as they have a reason to pull it off. Let’s scroll down the page!

1. Mark Ruffalo

Well, who Hollywood movies junkie is not familiar with the fantastic character of Hulk seen and as played by this Wisconsin (US) born actor and humanitarian Mark Ruffalo, 49, has left his hair to naturally turn grey and black and looking great.

2. George Clooney

The Hollywood actor and activist George Clooney, 55, still possesses the power of attraction, he once had during his prime days, with his head hair that have turned grey.

3. Jay Manuel

The influential fashion and make up celebrity Jay Manuel who is widely revered for handling the seat of creative director at superb reality show America’s Next Model. He dyed his hair grey voluntary that boosted his personality with his trademark grey hair.

4. Matt LeBlanc

Well, Matt LeBlanc would always be remembered for his role of Joey in the movie ‘Friends’ has made it to the list of popular celebrity with the grey hair. The idea of grey hair doesn’t please him but he nevertheless looks stunning.

5. Brad Pitt

Do we need to introduce Brad Pitt? Undoubtedly one of the most handsome and richest Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has once been voted as the ‘World’s Sexiest Man’. Clearly his grey turning beard and hair have showed a sign of his falling age but not his charm a bit!

6. Kate Moss

The sensuous British young model and actress Kate Moss is not the age of having white hair but she deliberately dyed and turned her natural hair white to ignite the new sparkling trend who has inspired even big celebrities like Pink and Kate Olsen.

7. Steve Martin

The much popular Texas born actor and comedian Steve Martin who achieved the kind of aura only few stars achieve has come a long way but just to remind Steve’s hair already turned grey in his early 20s but he kept winning audience hearts with his jovial looks and acting.

8. Karl Lagefeld

The veteran German fashion designer and influential photographer Karl Lagefeld deserves a much appreciation for his dominating fashion designs and owned brand. This man holds peculiar taste for style even at 83 and his white hair indicates the royalty he flaunts.

9. Meryl Streep

She is touted as the American ever time beauty has no doubt embraced wrinkles on her face and come a long way still possess the power to turn heads. Ever since she went with white hair from her natural hair color to white, she went on ruling since then.

10. Lady Gaga

The leading pop sensation and unconventional Lady Gaga is known equally for her ever evolving out of the track looks on stage and bomb tracks that make audience gaga for which she is rightly called. Her White Blonde has always been the spark igniting look and perhaps the boldest a female can have!