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The Best From Last Night - The Grammys 2017 Forum


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With a stunning performance by Beyoncé which got her this year best night’s most hyped career performing sting to the A Tribe Called Quest delivering a staggering from the show to set in a very clear politicized statement in the night and along with the James Corden’s singalong in the cardboard car fell total flat. It was a gala affair with some big surprises happening, and Adele taking it away completely.

This year we got to see some of the awesome performances and really on board memorable moments. Taking some best shots out from this year’s biggest Music Awards in the World, the 59th annual Grammy Awards. Take a Leap!

This year at the 2017 Grammy Awards, the whole show did take it to another level, and is labelled as one of the best in the recent years. The Grammy Awards of the 2017 had a filling jargon to all of the best of the music happening around the world, with some of the best of the jaw dropping moments.

It was a goddamn stunning Sunday, and the award show was star studded with all the viewers from around the world got everything they wanted and saw everything. Starting with Lady Gaga to the crowd surfing when she performed with the Metallica, to the hosting of the James Corden doing with the iconic Carpool Karaoke with of the biggest celebs from the industry just in front of the live audience.

Getting a loop from everyone like the Jennifer Lopez to Jason Derulo to John Legend to Neil Diamond to Keith Urban, the audience got to see all get into some of the karaoke action (not with a real car, but a cardboard car). We got to see the group singing to the Diamond's song "Sweet Caroline".

The best part was the  group got to see the Jay Z and Beyoncé's daughter, they got even more excited couldn't resist. They got more excited to welcome her into that part of the bit.

But in the night, in the scenes, Adele went on to break her Grammy for the Album of the Year into two halves on the stage. At the award ceremony on the night of Sunday, it was a very happy incident, when Adele declared that she was the one to truly win the award and actually belonged to Beyoncé.

Not that only, Adele also won the Song of the Year award at the same time. On the stage she went on to explain that she felt that the Lemonade was way more deserving than her own 25.

This is the second time that Adele will be taking home three of the biggest four Grammy awards, the Record of the Year, the Song of the Year, and the Album of the Year. She has been on a streak!

Every year it is all about the biggest stars from around the world in music to get onto the same platform and get together to watch each other and perform, walk the red carpet with ease, and balance their armloads with the iconic golden gramophone statuettes.