Hollywood movies 7 Reasons Why The Indian Youth Prefers Hollywood Over Bollywood.
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7 Reasons Why The Indian Youth Prefers Hollywood Over Bollywood.

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu


If you are a millennial, you will realise that somehow you always fascinate about films made in the foreign land. Be it's a thriller, or a sci-fi or even a normal love story. Maybe it's the western culture which attracts the young population, or many who just try to act cool.

Whatever be the fact, we can't deny how Hollywood has become a crucial part of the Indian film industry.

Obviously Bollywood have its own share of good films, but somehow a huge part of the Indian youth is more into Hollywood than Bollywood. And this is growing.

Today in this article we have tried to decode the majors reasons why the Indian youth prefers Hollywood over Bollywood, or any other regional film industry.

Find out why.


Reasons Why The Indian Youth Prefers Hollywood Over Bollywood

No Language Barrier
Films from the foreign land face the biggest hassle to release their films in India i.e language. While many Indians know English now, the production houses also took up initiatives on their own to dub their movies in different languages to reach out to the masses.

Lesser Experiments
The content of Bollywood movies is majorly dated. While there are people experimenting with new stuff, but it's limited. India's obsession with love stories remain the biggest setback. On the other hand, the love stories from Hollywood are far more realistic.

Item Songs & Useless Dance Sequences
Bollywood movies are full of totally useless and crappy dance numbers objectifying women for no reason. The Indian market is consuming it, that's why the makers continue to do it, but they are losing a section of the audience, which is now growing. 

Easy Access To The Internet
Another major reason is the internet. We now have easy access to quality content, be it through illegal mediums or paid streaming services. The bigger picture is, people are getting access to quality foreign content. Now a consumer of this content is certainly no more interested in any content inferior.

Use Of Latest Technologies
Though Bollywood is trying to keep with the technologies used by foreign film fraternities, it still lacks in quality. Hollywood and other foreign films use more improved technologies like AG powered CGI or VFX more effectively than Bollywood.

Stars & Bollywood Movies
Bollywood is still remain a star-centered industry. Though it's changing, we Indians still wish to watch a SRK movie or a Salman Khan film. Unless the audience wants a better script, shitty movies will always triumph.


Hollywood masters storytelling. There are only a handful of Indian directors who can do that. If they can't tell stories the better way, soon a large section of the audience will be cannibalized by Hollywood and foreign content.

We obviously love our Bollywood. But, they need to improve in order to attract the new India, who loves Netflix more than Hud Hud Dabangg!