Hollywood movies Actress Zoey Deutch’s Brilliant Lead Performance Seems Dominating ‘Before I Fall' News
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Actress Zoey Deutch’s Brilliant Lead Performance Seems Dominating ‘Before I Fall' News

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Well friends, if you may not be familiar with Zoey Deutch and haven’t read the novel Before I Fall; but if you are a Hollywood junkie; you might have at least caught first looks of recently released high school teen mystery drama ‘Before I Fall’. Isn’t it? But the stricking news arising out besides movie review is from now onwards; the brown eyed gorgeous actress  Zoey Deutch, 22, would ride on wave of stardom and fame as she is receiving tremendous appreciation from Hollywood veterans and critics for her brilliant leading performance in ‘Before I Fall’.

Zoey Deutch As ‘Samantha Kingston’

If you haven’t catched the movie yet, let we tell you friends, this movie is a teen mystery drama based on novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver; directed by Ry Russo-Young. The movie stars Zoey Deutch in the lead role, Halston Sage, Logan Miller and Kian Lawley among others. It showcases Samantha Kingston (Zoey) as a high school teen whose life is mysteriously stuck on a same day every morning which is eventually her last day of life hence leaving Sam perplexed and moron to do all ambitious and right things of her life in that single day. The movie grows seemingly intresting as Sam struggles to come out of this unbelievable situation and her restless race towards achieving and understanding the deep meaning of life in the last day of her life.

Why Zoey’s Performance Is Talk Of The Town?

Playing the kind of character in this teen drama; Zoey Deutch has waved off flags of her acting caliber in Before In Fall based on the premise of what you would do if today is the last day of your life to what you would keep and what you would quit to make your life worth while . It usually requires any actor to be so perfect to assume the imaginary novel character which Zoey has delivered so brilliantly. The best part of the movie other than the brilliant story base and Zoey’s acting is the fabulous visual scenes depicting more than actual blue sky to dark and crystal clear colour of sky, sky piercing mountains, wonderful city infra and vast beautiful landscape whenever the characters are out in the open. Hence the film makers have matched the visuals to teen characters vibrant outfit nicely.

Rising Zoey Deutch!

Well, Zoey Deutch who was previously known for portraying Rose Hathaway in the Vampire Empire and as Beverly in the movie ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’

Looking at the seriousness of the movie script, one could literally understand the height of her acting skills that has now honed up to a level that Zoey could manage and play the lead character and could soon enter the list of Hollywood’s most desiring sensations.

Why You Should Catch Zoey’s ‘Before I Fall’?

The first argue in the favour as to why you should catch this movie is that first it’s a gift to all readers of the same novel on which this movie is based on, secondly it’s out of the trend solid story line, and thirdly Zoey’s sensuous and brilliant performance and however some things in the movie might seem not matching but no where the movie makes audience feel like oozing.  ‘Before I Fall’ has minted 9 million USD worldwide  however its overall fate is yet to decided but the film is being seen as a milestone to Zoey’s rising stardom.

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