Hollywood movies The Nun is a 2018 American gothic supernatural horror film directed by Corin Hardy and written by Gary Dauberman
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The Nun Movie Review: Scary, But Not Enough!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

The Nun, a prequel to 2016 Conjuring film is the fifth in The Conjuring series. This 2018 prequel returns to the CârÈ›a Monastery in 1952 Romania where a cloister adherent (the real kind) has submitted suicide. The Vatican is occupied by examining how an individual from the pastorate could capitulate to the most exceedingly bad sin possible.


They send Father Anthony Burke (DemiánBichir) and Sister Irene (TaissaFarmiga) to explain the secret. What they find is an unholy power that is longing to break free and release horror into the world.



Gary Dauberman has penned the story getting a portion of the explanations by the creature author James Wan. The story isn't as awful, but the execution is. There aren't sufficient startles or even excites you for a horror movie. That is the place it needs and subsequently, it's only a well-made film, not a well-influenced frightfulness to film.


Where the screenplay dilutes the dread with comic asides, Corin Hardy pumps it up with ridiculous, irreverent, in-your-confront loathsomeness.


Utilizing pretty much every trap from the Hammer Horror playbook without sitting idle endeavoring to bode well, it gives a little over 96 minutes of standard-issue hop alarms keeping the movie crisp.  


The Conjuring and Annabelle films officially settled the alarming universe of the Warrens, and their phantom and devil busting undertakings, startling gatherings of people senseless all the while. This motion picture is intended to clarify how everything started, years before at an unpleasant monastery in Romania.


Basically, The Nun isn't frightening. The tension never starts. The fear is dull. Its enigmatic animals feel indiscreetly developed, and the legends are excessively ambiguous, making it impossible to put resources into. All we're left with is a similar religious iconography a crowd of loathsomeness movie producers has played with before to all the more unpleasant closures.

With a basic screenplay that entirely relies on visual elements, The Nun unfurls as an oppressively ham-fest that could have been a lot more economical.

Director Corin Hardy is seen very desperate in the film to scare his audiences. Often you will get to see a repeat of the tricks and points where eventually it gets dull.

In the film, you will multiple instances when they have tried or forced horror into The Nun with a figure turning around or revealing a possessed entity.

There is the use of mirror reflections as well, but its other parts of Conjuring and Annabelle films, The Nun eventually has nothing scary, or even a bit of suspense to offer.

The Nun at points just reveals too many underwhelms, much like it has donned a formulaic approach throughout the movie.

The Nun would have worked 20 years back, as the plot of the film would have surprised or may to some point entertained the audience back in the 90s.

With a certain level of exposure to intelligent efforts like The Witch or the critically acclaimed The Babadook or even the other parts of The Conjuring The Nun just fell flat.

Story: 2.5/5
Acting: 3/5
Direction: 1/5
Cinematography: 3/5

SWG Rating: 1.5/5