Hollywood movies Top 10 Britney Spears’ Tattoo Designs To Flaunt
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Top 10 Britney Spears’ Tattoo Designs To Flaunt

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Rahul Rawat

The phenomenon Britney Spears is a fantasy and inspiration for uncountable. The sensational diva besides her rocking and mesmerizing stage performances is known more for her stunning looks and fashion statements. Even though controversery keep haunting her personal life never the less she is just impeccable, she compels each one to be her fan effortlessly. And truly when it comes to style, she just seems to give tough completion to all big names around the world.

Every time her fans keep guessing for her new hot avatars. Absolutely one of hottest fashion statements of this sizzling fashion icon is her ever changing trendy small tattoos which she flaunts flawlessly and eventually these happens to be the most inspiring and cute body art for all tattoo lovers. Here are some of her adorning tattoos that you could flaunt any day.

1. Pink Lips On Wrist

Here is a cute tattoo idea for ladies who wish to flaunt their star Britney Spear’s most adorable tattoos that she flaunted in 2007 at the Body & Soul Tattoo in Sherman Oaks.

2. Neck Stars

Well, stars tattoo tends to be the hot favourite among ladies for their simplicity and outdoor theme. Same pleased Britney Spears – the fondness towards stars tattoos. She had flaunted many small stars on her neck which she has had changed location from time to time.

3. Kabbalah Tattoo

Britney Spears put on this tattoo on her back neck in 2004 which are Kabbalah Hebrew Letters which are supposed to mean ‘Healing’ while touring overseas. The intresting gossip goes behind actually these letters make one of 72 God’s names in Kabbalah Sects which she flaunted during her coping time against odd days. She removed it in 2008.

4. Dice Tattoo- Gamble of Love!

Britney Spears this one tattoo was simply a pair of pink dice on her inside left wrist showing the lucky number 7. This tattoo came in 2004 to present her as one with then husband Kevin Federline who had apparently the same tattoo on his wrist.

5. Cross Tattoo

The bold cross tattoo on the bottom left abdomen came up the same day when Britney had flaunted lip tattoo on her wrist and had this one at a time when suffered a nervous break-down. Clearly out of way to be keep abreast herself with the lord.

6. Butterfly & Vines

Well, this one is totally to adorn foot along with luxurious high heels as an outdoor theme. This tattoo flaunted a butter fly flying over a vine creep on her right foot in 2003 probably as a feeling of freedom.

7. Full Armband Swan Tattoo

This one if her tattoo gathered news as this was full arm tattoo and bigger that usually men flaunts on their arms. And it is certainly in contrast of her fondness for small tattoo but this Miami inked tattoo looks pretty cool on her arm and something unexpected not to miss..Dragon on her breast!

8. Tiny Star & Triangle

Britney put on this cute small and exposed tattoo on her hand in Dec, 2006 at the renowned Devil Doll Tattoo Studio, Hollywood two days before she appeared at Teen Choice Awards. But she just removed post one month.

9. Britney Spear’s Most Prevalent Pixie Tattoo- Lower Back Little Fairy!

Well, on her lower back, Britney has this cute fairy tattoo that features a little girl. Arguably this tattoo is said to be one of her first tattoo that she put on at age of 18. Clearly it shows Britney teenage fantasy and ambition to fly high in the sky of music!

10. Flower & Chinese Symbol

This is Britney Spears who flaunts each time! Inked in black this tattoo of Britney featuring a flower and Chinese symbol sitting on her hip that was much like her symbolic Kabbalah tattoo whose intended meaning was distorted out of translation form ‘Mystery’ to ‘Strange’

So, Girls what’s your design to flaunt!!