Hollywood movies When Hollywood Copied Movies from Bollywood - Full List
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When Hollywood Copied Movies from Bollywood - Full List

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Bollywood copying from Hollywood and other film industries around the world is common now. We have been through that phase. But what if I tell you, there are films which Hollywood took it from Bollywood. They call it ‘inspiration’, I say ‘making it again just differently’.

Leap Year from Jab We Met
The story of a bubbly, talkative girl meets a guy on her way, when she is going to his boyfriend to propose him. On the way she falls in love with the stranger, and stay at the same hotel. But again later they gets separated. With time eventually, they again meet and ultimately they get married. Took almost ninety percent of the story from Jab We Met.

Pearl Harbor from Sangam
The story of the Pearl Harbor was less about the war, and mainly stood on the story of that love triangle between the two best friends and the girl. The plots of both the films were very same. You will be getting that single thing differing, in Sangam there was only one of them who was a pilot, but in Pearl Harbour both of them were pilots.

A Common Man from A Wednesday
Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley was placed in the role of Naseeruddin Shah to pull off the master craft of the movie. Though, A Common Man is the official remake of A Wednesday, so we can’t call it an inspiration or copy. If we keep making good films, definitely there will be more remakes in the future.

Delivery Man from Vicky Donor
The Shoojit Sircar's directorial made waves all around, and finally it when it reached the western land, they shamelessly copied the whole script of Vicky Donor. The only difference you would find in Delivery Man is that Vince Vaughn will have 533 kids born from his sperm donations in total, but in Vicky Donor Ayushmann had only 53. Smartly done! As they call it an inspiration.


Fear from Darr

Getting by the name only, one would get the idea, the films might be having similar plots. Darr has a plot where a insane stalker wanted to get the girl he loved madly. Though there is a difference in both of the films, some of the scenes were exactly taken from Darr. Fear is termed as a 'violent' love story, which had most of it’s scenes inspired from SRK starrer Darr.


Forty Shades of Blue from Charulata

Forty Shades of Blue by Ira Sachs was hugely taken from ace director Satyajit Ray’s Charulata (also called The Lonely Wife). Ray is considered the father of Indian Cinema, and his films are famous around the world. He is considered a curator of world cinema too. Charulata had a story of a love triangle between a husband, a wife, and a young man. Forty Shades of blue had the same plot line, and the similar script to Charulata.


Hitch from Chhoti Si Baat

Chhoti Si Baat had a story where a shy man falls in love with a woman, but is not able to express his feelings. Hitch hugely took from the script of the Bollywood hit, and the character of Will Smith. Though it is said, that Hitch itself was later copied in Bollywood as Partner starring Salman Khan and Govinda as the two men from Hitch.


Deity from Kahaani

It’s under process, and film is being made now. Though it is an official remake of the master suspense thriller Kahaani, it is being remade into Hollywood which will be directed by Niels Arden Oplev. A proud moment!