Hollywood movies Moana Review: Spectacular Voyage Saga; Disney Does It Once Again!
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Moana Review: Spectacular Voyage Saga; Disney Does It Once Again!

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Rahul Rawat


 Cast: Moana (Voiced By Auli’i Cravalho), Maui (Dwayne Johnson)

Direction: Ron Clements, John Musker

Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Genre: Animation- Adventure/ 1H 43 Min.

A shortish 16 year old Moana; a girl with long curly hair, fawn like agility and one with a roundish waist must find the ancient heart of Te Fiti which was stolen by a demigod Maui. The epic adventure begins when she set herself on a perilous quest rescuing herself from scary lava monsters to hunt for the exiled Maui to deliver him across and save her slowly destructing island.


Moana- A New Courageous Disney Princess Created!!

Yes, the spellbound magic of Disney is back to thrill with unimaginable fantasy and animation. Undoubtedly when one watches Disney’s 3D animation, one has to remind oneself that it’s animation not realistic. And they did it once again; this time with a new princess created called ‘Moana’ to continue their epic trend. Inspired by people and cultures of Oceania the Moana takes audience to an ancient Polynesian Island where the chief character of this movie ‘Moana’ lives with her father who is the chief of this small island. Moana has deep relationship with the sea and always yearns to venture out the wonderful vast blue sea, but she can’t do in view of her father made rule- Never venture beyond the reef. Everything goes fine on this wonderful island but when her island is threatened terribly, she breaks the rule and set on a sail for an epic adventure to save her islanders lives and find that one answer which she was searching for her whole life. The movie is about to be always will-strong . The most memorable part you would find is the superb animation rendered and animating an always unpredictable sea by the master Disney but the kind of music and animation which audience experience, it’s hard to feel as if audience is being taken on an ancient and tropical perilous adventure.

Music & Visual Appeal

One thing is sure if you are heading for this movie, it’s sure that you had never seen so many colour on the silver screen-it’s like spilling of rainbow on the silver screen. Music has been given by Mark Mancina; the songs are quite catchy and corporate with music that matches with the island atmosphere with a perfect Polynesian theme that you just can’t control yourself to tap your shoe. No doubt the movie borrows some elements from Disney but the colour, music; culture is absolutely fresh and all innovative. What puts in more power to this movie is new princess Moana, voiced by Auli’i Cravalho the character of Maui, voiced by star Dawyne Johnson (The Rock) and real adrenaline boosting stars when Moana teams up with Maui who fills the movie with boundless energy. Beside this the other characters like one a cuddly pig, a crazy chicken and rogue pirates put in some great fun in the movie.

 Avg. Rating




 Music- 4/5

 SWG Rating-4/5

Certainly this movie might not touch the height of previous sensational hit ‘Frozen’ but certainly the new strong female character of Moana has born to inspire and thrill all young. If you are going with your kids, the running time is slightly longer but they are not going sleep on their theatre chair! It’s almost hard to find any fault with Moana, an adventure set in the paradise island,

Really, Moana Is A Ripper