Hollywood movies Annabelle’s Next Part All Ready to Set Theatres in India on August 18
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Annabelle’s Next Part All Ready to Set Theatres in India on August 18


Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Annabelle’s next part, Annabelle - Creation’ is all ready to arrive at the Indian theatres on August 18. The movie will release in English in the country, and get dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
This is the fourth installment of 'The Conjuring' movie series, and will be directed by David F Sandberg.

The trailer of the Annabelle - Creation’ has a throwback story, which goes way back to the starting part where the doll was shown for the first time, and how the doll Annabelle was created and how the evil spirit got into the doll.

Annabelle - Creation' will be a prequel to the 2014's successful counterpart Annabelle. All the three parts, The Conjuring, Annabelle and The Conjuring 2 had been huge hits, and now they are ready with another spine chilling story.

The Annabelle - Creation’ has a story, which would connect to a story of a doll maker and his wife. The story starts where the doll maker loses his only daughter in an fierce accident, and after that the dead girl's spirit starts to contact them frequently, and slowly they let her possess a doll.

But with time things go very awry and gets out of their hands when they realise that the spirit wasn’t their daughter's, but of a DEVIL instead.